A night out with a couple of friends.

Mid-terms are finally over. I would rather you not ask how the last paper went, ’cause what you’ll hear coming out of my mouth won’t be anything short of a nice expletive. Heh.

A whole week for an insignificant mid-term is stretching it too bloody far. A couple of friends have decided to have dinner at some eatery of their choosing tonight. They offered me to come and join them, and, feeling frustrated myself, I accepted their offer. Besides, I will get a chance that way to see the city during night time, a scene I so enjoy observing and yet rarely if ever get the chance to savour.

See you tonight!

Perl quickie!

Junjun, this Perl quickie is for you! Enjoy!

# tr.pl: Implements encryption and decryption using the lame 1-letter forward
# substitution technique.
# Copyrights (C) 2005 Ayaz Ahmed Khan
# usage: perl tr.pl -e "plain-text"
# perl tr.pl "cipher"

sub decrypt {
$_ = shift;
$_ =~ tr/a-zA-Z/b-zaB-ZA/;

print "$_ \n";

sub encrypt {
$_ = shift;
$_ =~ tr/a-zA-Z/za-yZA-Y/;

print "$_ \n";

sub usage {
print qq{Copyrights (C) 2005 Ayaz Ahmed Khan.
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

-e Enable encryption mode.
-h Display help menu.

exit 0;

sub main {
if ($ARGV[0] eq "-h") {
elsif ($ARGV[0] eq "-e" || $ARGV[0] eq "-E") {
$_ = shift @ARGV;
decrypt @ARGV;
else {
encrypt @ARGV;

usage unless defined @ARGV;

Dumped Xfce in favour of KDE.

Um, one last post before I disappear. ;-)

Xfce crapped out on me, again. As much as I like using it, I had to dump it. And, dump I did. After what has been a decade, I am back to using KDE. It is still v3.1 on my laptop, but it will do.

Disappearing for a brief period of time!

Mid-terms start from Monday and will last till Friday of the same week. Unlike other mid-terms, where I would prepare for the papers while sitting next to the laptop connected to the Internet, I have decided this time I will stay away from the Internet throughout the whole mid-terms.

My next blog, then, will most probably come next Friday. Until then, bah-bye!

No studies?

I have decided to drop my job. I hadn’t realised, but in hindsight, it seems a part-time job will severely affect my studies, leaving me with no time to do my personal research and book reading and stuff. Farheen and a couple of other folks did advise me the same thing. I guess I should’ve listened. Oh, well!

Money is good, no doubt, but, then again, money has never been on top of my priority list.

Mid-terms are starting from Monday, next week, so I’d better start studying for them.

Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary.

18 September was mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. I got to know in the morning when dad mentioned it over the breakfast table.

Farheen insisted I give them a wedding anniversary present. I didn’t really know what. The day passed on and it was decided that everyone will go out for dinner that night to some nice restaurant. Mom wanted to try Chinese, as it had been ages since we last had it. Dad picked a decent Chinese eatery situated in Tariq Road. As I was getting ready to leave, I remembered what Farheen had been nudging me to do in the morning. Quickly, I made up a quick plan, got ready and jumped into the car.

The food was good and quite heavy. When the bill came in, and before dad could take out his wallet, I instantly took out mine and put the money on the bill. “Mom, dad, that’s my wedding anniversary gift for you guys. Happy wedding anniversary.” Dad wouldn’t let me pay, but, well, I made him accept it. Heh.

It was a nice night out. It had really been ages since we last went out together.