Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary.

18 September was mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. I got to know in the morning when dad mentioned it over the breakfast table.

Farheen insisted I give them a wedding anniversary present. I didn’t really know what. The day passed on and it was decided that everyone will go out for dinner that night to some nice restaurant. Mom wanted to try Chinese, as it had been ages since we last had it. Dad picked a decent Chinese eatery situated in Tariq Road. As I was getting ready to leave, I remembered what Farheen had been nudging me to do in the morning. Quickly, I made up a quick plan, got ready and jumped into the car.

The food was good and quite heavy. When the bill came in, and before dad could take out his wallet, I instantly took out mine and put the money on the bill. “Mom, dad, that’s my wedding anniversary gift for you guys. Happy wedding anniversary.” Dad wouldn’t let me pay, but, well, I made him accept it. Heh.

It was a nice night out. It had really been ages since we last went out together.


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