Cursed, in a funny way!

A close friend and I are both cursed in a funny way. Being distant friends, we converse using two popluar IM services.

There is no end to the elation whenever one of us bumps into the other online. I tend to spend half of my day sitting in front of a laptop online, and she, hardly. As soon as one of us pops online, the other one immediately sends a cheerful greeting. But half of the time, there is no reply. A whince begins to appear on the otherwise lit faces. The messages aren’t getting through. The network is lagging. Wait. That’s weird. I can chat with anyone else without so much as a hassle. And, she, too, at her end. It is only when we both try to talk to each other that we can’t get our messages across. What’s weirder is that it is not something of a rarity: it happens frequently.

The other day, it happend with our SMS exchange as well. I sent her a couple of messages, and she only got one of them. It was then I stopped doubting that both of us are cursed in a funny way.