How to keep your MacBook from sleeping

     Jiggler is a small, unobtrusive application for OS X that I wanted to talk about. It sits quietly on the dock, and keeps OS X from falling into sleep mode (or even activating the screen-saver). This is a god-sent for MacBook and MacBook Pro users who want to, say, download a large file without having to sit at the laptop till the end. For me, Jiggler has been really useful when downloading iPhone SDKs, which are roughly over 2GB in size and hosted on Apple servers that don’t allow for “resume support”. Compounded by the fact that power outages are spread throughout the day, there is no better time to peacefully downloaded the SDKs than at night. And if you are like me who prefers to sleep at night, you need something such as Jiggler to keep your Mac laptop awake at least as long as the download lasts.