Who 0wn3d my b0x? Capture the Flag Contest at GameHack 2005.

Jahanzaib and I had designed a game-plan for the Capture the Flag (CtF) contest to be held at GameHack 2005. It had taken us 6+ hours to hack out a somewhat ingenious plan on paper. We both spent an evening, a complete night, morning and some part of an afternoon without an iota of rest and sleep to implement it.

CtF started around about half past two yesterday in Pearl Continental’s Neelum Hall. Seven teams participated in the contest, most of which brought along their own equipment.

The game kicked off at around 2:45 and lasted some 6+ hours. We had a winner by the end of the night, but the contest, per se, was a rattler.

While some of the teams, admittedly, had what we would call the brains and employed really ingenious tricks to work around different levels, without the various hints given and ad hoc changes made in between the game, I doubt they would have got to the end.

Our servers were running on two HP laptops over VMware. Except for a mere 15 minutes a couple of times, neither Jahanziab nor I had to oversee and attend to any of the two servers.

All in all, we had a great game. It had password cracking in it, packet sniffing, remote root buffer overflow exploting, local user privilege escalation exploiting, very basic cipher cracking, etc.

Both the teams and the admins had a wonderful time.


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