Who am I?

Symbian ninja and an enthusiastic Python developer, I don’t look like a geek, yet I am one at heart. I cannot live without computers, and that is a fact I cannot emphasize enough. But computers aren’t where my love begins and ends. I love reading and writing, and wish dearly I could do the latter oftener. I am a nature lover, and would give or take anything to be in a spot to enjoy an exotic occasion. I eagerly look forward to rain, and force myself to write about it. I can be extremely shy, and surprisingly bold at times. I do tend to shy away from crowds.

I do thoroughly enjoy reading and replying to emails. You can always write to me at ayaz -at- ayaz.pk.


13 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I`m an e-mail fan, too! It`s a fantastic feeling that you can recieve mail in few seconds from different country…
    BTW, great articlesm thanks. Borrowing you RSS-feed to my Sage RSS Agregator :-)

  2. Sometimes.. once in a blue moon, it GOOD to write non-technical, general post for non-techies like me.. and i know i’m not the only non-techie who like to read your blog (whenever it makes sense thats it!)

  3. Yes, I noticed that, Lubna. I’ve a very good reason why I am avoiding writing on general, non-technical issues. :) You’ll get to read some juicy stuff soon enough, nontheless, I am sure. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hello Ayaz i am an Open Source enthusiast. I hope we share the same interest :). I live in Islamabad, a CS grad student.

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