This serves as a small collection of articles, reports, essays, tutorials, and HOWTOs I have ever written.

  1. Free Software and Linux, the talk I gave during Software Freedom Day, 2007, at FAST, city campus, on the late morning of 15 September.
  2. How Attackers Go Undetected, the talk I presented at PAKCON III, 2007, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi, on the evening 26 July.
  3. Web Development Platforms: A Comparative Study (thanks to BBBart for cleaning up the LyX generated TeX code and adding few pretty things)
  4. Logical Volume Management (LVM), a short report I wrote for the course Fault Diagnostic and Tolerant Systems
  5. GNU Find for Dummies (Part I)

5 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Thanks, mate! The interesting bit is that I wrote that presentation hastily in less than three hours, never got the time to proof-read it or prepare my speech with it, and at the spot, I ended up standing in front of a laptop with a black screen (because that particular breed of laptop turned its screen off when switched to “projected view” or something) and delivering the talk. :-)

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