Opera Mini 5 Beta, character map, and Nokia phones

     I am really impressed with what Opera has managed to do with what they proudly claim “the next generation of mobile browsing” in the form of Opera Mini 5 Beta. It is as good a browser as I have never before used on a mobile device. Any words that I could concoct to describe how great it is won’t by any stretch of one’s imagination do justice to the product.

     I am using it exclusively on my Nokia E61 mobile phone. The E61 features a QWERTY keyboard with a limited set of special characters available on top of the alphabets as function keys. These include characters such as hyphen, exclamation mark, double and single quotes, parenthesis, etc, among others. However, these are not all of the commonly used special characters, and in order to get to a full list, a “chr” key is provided on the keyboard, pressing which brings up a character map.

     While Opera Mini 5 Beta is still fairly robust and stable for a beta software, there is one issue I’ve found that I feel has a rather inconspicuous solution. On the keyboard of E61, the rather common underscore character is not available as a function key. In order to use that character, you have to get to the character map, and select it from there. The underscore character becomes even more common on the web, where you may tend to have it as part of usernames, passwords, or email addresses, in particular. I do. And here’s where Opera Mini 5 Beta gets a trifle quirky: If you’re editing any text box within the browser, you cannot access the character map, not through the “chr” key, not through any other key or combination thereof. When I initially bumped into this quirk, I was both sorely disappointed and pissed. I couldn’t log in to any of the websites where I had a username or email address with an underscore in it. And for a while, it kept me apprehensive about using Opera Mini 5 Beta frequently.

     However, after toying around in Opera’s settings, I was able to finally find a workaround. Inside “Advanced” options inside “Settings” menu for the browser, there is an option, turned off by default, for “fullscreen edit”. Once enabled, you can edit all text boxes in a native, Symbian-esque text editor, where the character map is easily available via a press of a key.


7 thoughts on “Opera Mini 5 Beta, character map, and Nokia phones

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  2. Well I was just searching on Google for some videos and songs of my favorite singers and just came across your blog, generally I just visit blogs and retrieve my required information but this time the useful information that you posted in this post compelled me to reply here and appreciate your good work. I just bookmarked your blog :).

  3. Yes, I have got the new Opera Mini 5 in an E63 with the same problem. When I was testing the beta version I thought this bug would be fixed, but not. As another: one hit at space bar means three spaces at you text, yet.

    Interesting workaround, but with this way we can’t access some options list (as recent or possible sites).

    Annoying bugs in a great browser… I use the Mini 4.2 to everything, and I love its quick navigation with main button that miss in new Opera version.

  4. Thanx for the info.. I had the same problem with my E63. Now i can use the character like underscore (_) to text my e-mail. Thank u.

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