Why does wi-tribe connection shut off on the first of every month?

     I have been noticing that on the first of every month, the wi-tribe connection that I am using stops working as soon as I receive the invoice email. Browsing stops. Replies to ping requests stop. All Internet activity comes to a halt.

     When this happens, I get in touch with a customer support rep and describe my problem to them. After a while, they figure out what is wrong, tell me to try again after a brief moment, and take their leave. They never clearly explain the cause of the problem, beyond it being due to some glitch in their systems. But whatever it is that they do, works and makes me happy.

     In the early afternoon on the first of January, my connection stopped completely soon after I received the invoice over email. From that point on till an hour before midnight, I tried relentlessly to get some human to pick up the phone at the customer support site — I had the impression that the support staff got drunk and passed out over the new year’s eve, and didn’t come to work the next day. And when someone finally did, they were not able to fix my problem, promising me that a complaint was lodged and my problem will be resolved shortly.

     However, one question that they asked me during my brief conversation with them on the phone, gave me an idea about what could be wrong. Because I have come not to trust DNS resolvers that local ISPs use, I always use either OpenDNS or, recently, Google DNS resolvers. With that little detail in mind, I edited the network settings on my computer to not use any external DNS resolves but the local ones. My mail didn’t still work, nor did replies to ping requests show up. But what did half-work was any attempt to access any webpage on the browser. The browser redirected automatically to a wi-tribe internal page which told me that my invoice has been released, and this or that will happen if I don’t pay beyond the due-date. However, what caught my attention and also made me feel extremely silly was a big button in the middle of the page that read to the effect, ‘Click to continue browsing’. And clicking on that button did as advertised. I felt extremely stupid.

     So, what was the problem? The problem was that, since I was using external DNS resolvers, wi-tribe was not able to redirect me to their internal page on the first of the month when the invoice was generated. When I switched to their local DNS resolvers, I was able to see that page, click on the big button, and continue using the Internet.

     To think that I wasted a lot of money in calls to customer support, torture myself from being pissed at not being able to both use Internet and get someone at customer support to pick up, only due to a thing as silly as I’ve described, I feel an uncontrollable urge to curse out loud.

10 thoughts on “Why does wi-tribe connection shut off on the first of every month?

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  2. i’ll pay but your service is not good. you have no grace period for us. please give it back to us our money if your service is not good. sept. 21, 2010 is my due date and ill pay it on that date, your service cut out already our line but i’ll pay it on that day.!!!!!!! is there’s something wrong about it? nagbayad naman ako, until now it doesn’t work my website. please your prompt attention to this matter is needed. thank you!

  3. the agent offer me unit he that after it activate my application my signal will be faster but if this signal is being activate and nothing is change so i will return this unit

  4. i’ll pay my bills but my connection is to0 low.. i received one signal light after 2 months and after few minutes its rebooting.. wla wenta units ng wi-tibe!! pag pde mahack 2 pag aralan q 2 modem na ung sakin PLUS sa kapit bhay.. amp kau 1 mbs ung plan q prang mas maba2 pa sa 512 kbs e.. 1st month ok pro pag lampas ng 1 month wla an wenta.. anu ba yan PURO TRIAL lng ba mga units nio? or pati srvices nio?

  5. WITRIBE is bullshit, b4 i called them asking why it is only blinking light. on the status of the modem, then i saw witribe field engr. and ask them they used the service unit they have and same stats. the F.E called the customer serve and bullshit…..they upgardeing the system WITH OUT NOTHIFYING THE CUSTOMER….

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