CoreText rendering on MacVim

On thakis’s unprecedented reply to my tweet about hating the fact of MacVim not having the same style of font rendering and background combination as does Terminal, I got to know that the latest snapshot of MacVim supports an experimental ‘CoreText’ rendering feature. I immediately downloaded the snapshot, and was happy to find that ‘CoreText’ rendering takes care of my biggest pet peeve with MacVim. Now, with a dark background, the default ‘macvim’ colour scheme, and with transparency set to a count of 5, I am ecstatic with what I see as being rendered by MacVim.

I have to say, I am smitten with it. For what it is worth, here are the relevant Vim settings:

set guifont=Monaco:h11.00
colorscheme macvim
set background=dark
set transparency=5

Oh, and, if you get around to trying it out, don’t forget to enable ‘experimental rendering’ feature from within the ‘Advanced’ tabs in the preferences pane for MacVim.

One thought on “CoreText rendering on MacVim

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