Resize images with Preview on Mac OS X

Thinking that there’s no way built into Mac OS X to resize images, I have been for a long time hunting down free third-party image resize applications. What I did not know and could not find until today is that the Preview application, which is used to preview images by default on Mac OS X, has a convenient resize feature built right into it. It is found under the Tools menu, aptly named “Adjust Size“.

One apparent gotcha that can bite you crazy about resizing using Preview is that after adjusting the size for an image, the preview of the image will shrink considerably to a size smaller than you would expect. Don’t let that mislead you. Once you save the image, Preview will re-display the image in the proper, expected size.

7 thoughts on “Resize images with Preview on Mac OS X

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  2. Do you know if there is a way of clicking on one image in a file of images (it opens automatically into Preview) and then browsing along to the next image in that folder by simply using the [forward] button? Apparently this is possible in Windows and I’m trying to find this option for a new-to-Mac user friend.


  3. Hello Evie:

    Thanks for your comment. I have a suggestion for your friend. If you select all the pictures in a folder, and press the space bar button on the keyboard to do a quick preview of the pictures, you will then be able to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate among the selected pictures one by one. I am using Snow Leopard, so I am not if this is a feature specific to Snow Leopard only, but it would be worth.

  4. Lovely tip, Ayaz! Just one quick addition to your article above – in case you are re-sizing the raw format images, kindly first save them separately, or else, preview will resize your raw images (if they are unlocked), and you’ll have sub-optimal/smaller raws available to you for further editing.

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