Symbian: AKNFEP 23 panic

In an earlier post, I touched upon a means to switch the language of the Symbian emulator, popularly known as Epoch. I wanted then, but forgot, to mention one slight issue that crops up unexpectedly after the emulator makes a language switch. The thing that rears its ugly head is called an AKNFEP 23 panic. You may find a trifle relief searching for anything against it on the web, but the official SDK documentation—at least the 3rd edition MR documentation–swears ignorance. For these reasons, and because I wrote a post describing what appears to be the source of this issue, I feel I should plug in the loose ends properly.

There are two things that need to be told apart on the Symbian emulator. One is “changing the language of the emulator”, which changes the overall language of the simulator, a task that is akin to changing the language of a mobile device from English to Chinese for someone who only understands Chinese. The other is “selecting a writing language”. The writing language is what you write text in, say, for example, when you are composing an SMS message. It can be different from the language of the emulator or the phone, but it must be supported by the device—the latter condition being redundant as a device does not allow you to switch to writing languages it does not support.

You would ask, “Why is this distinction important?”. Often if not always, when you change the language of the emulator, you would also want to change the writing language, so that, for example, you may be able to write SMS messages in Chinese. Neither the emulator nor the phone is smart enough to automatically switch the writing language to the global language that is set. Whether it is a design decision or a feature not deemed necessary, I cannot say. However, on the emulator, when you change the language from English to a more exotic language like Chinese, and back, if the writing language is not also changed to reflect that language, you will confront an ugly AKNFEP 23 every time you try to open any of the applications.

Yes, the solution is that simple: Simply change the writing language. Here is a link to a discussion of the cause of AKNFEP 23 panic.

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