Note to self: How not to light a BBQ fire!

It is barely past two in the afternoon. I am still struggling with the hangover from last night’s BBQ party. The lower part of my torso aches like it has never ached before, in part from sitting on my knees and in an uncomfortable position for hours at a stretch while grilling and cooking the BBQ meat. Also, I drove a lot that night too.

It took Ammar and I just a little less than an hour to make a fire. It wasn’t until this morning that mom told me that we would have been more successful with making the fire had we used oil instead of the gratuitous amounts of petrol we poured in. Not only does the fire, that way, last long enough for the coal to do its magic, using oil leaves an after taste and smell in what is being cooked that simply make the stuff more delicious.

Practice makes perfect, now. However, as I soberly told Rakesh when he had asked how to do BBQ while standing next to me watching me move the grilled meat over and sideways, there is really no future in it.

On a more serious note, someone should really teach Munir how to blow a sheesha.


6 thoughts on “Note to self: How not to light a BBQ fire!

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  2. @Ayaz:

    It was hell lot of fun, though I missed that fire part :). And as far as Munir is concerned, he would love to learn blowing sheesha provided he get to do it everyday for free :P

    Hey na Munir ;) ??

  3. But Ayaz our hard work actually paid off as the chicken turned out to be very delicious. for example:

    “Sirf Om ne 4 chicken halaal kiye :p :D ”

    But the best part of the cooking session was; when Rakesh overcooked (burned) a poor chicken and that chicken ended up on Rakesh’s plate. As they say ‘everything that goes around, comes around :P’

  4. I am really glad you enjoyed it, Om. I enjoyed the night thoroughly.

    Yeah, Ammar, our hard work surely did pay off. I devoured three big pieces myself. And it sure as hell was funny when Rakesh ended up with the burned piece. :)

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