Would you like to step out of the car, please?

Imagine having friends in the car driving to a far-off diner, finding a safe spot to park the car what may appear to be little more than five minutes walk away from the diner hoping to avoid the traffic police from subsequently towing the car away (otherwise eventually leaving you with no other option but to bribe the police officials or go to the trouble of getting and paying the ticket with money pulled out your own pocket), and the friends working up the cheek to whine about how far you are parking the car, how they will have to walk all the way down, and to rudely quip that they be dropped off instead in front of the diner while you go park the car. Stomps on the nerves real bad and hard, even when you know that they are merely having fun. Driving and finding a place to park a car in Karachi are trouble enough, that you have to gulp down crap like that from friends riding along.

You know who you are. Do be careful the next time you’re riding along in my car. I will have no qualms in screeching the car to a halt, asking you nicely (barring that, rudely) to step outside, and roaring away without you.


9 thoughts on “Would you like to step out of the car, please?

  1. I didnt even ask nicely. I remember leaving a bunch of people at the end of long road at seaview in the middle of the night.. my reason was slightly different though ..

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