So great to have someone to come home to!

Lubna tagged me. The lines I have chosen aren’t exactly three lines, they aren’t exactly from a book lying nearest to where I had been when I chose the lines, and the first of those lines isn’t exactly the fifth line on that page. They are from an electronic copy of the enthralling THE CUCKOO’S EGG by Cliff Stoll.

      I biked home, thinking of devious hacker-trapping schemes. As I came closer to home, though, my thoughts turned to dinner. So great to have someone to come home to.
      Martha Matthews and I had lived together for a few years now, and been friends for almost ten. We’d known each other so well that it was hard to remember a time before I knew her.
      Old friends shook their heads. They’d never seen me stay with one woman this long. I’d fall in love, hang around for a couple of years, and then we’d grow tired of each other and move on. I was still good friends with several former lovers, but the romance never seemed to last. I’d always been cynical and sarcastic, protecting myself from getting too close to anyone.
      But life with Martha felt different. Barrier after Barrier came down, slowly, over time. She insisted on talking out our differences, demanded to know the reasons for my moods and tempers, demanded that we think of ways to get along better. It was unbearable sometimes–I hated to talk when I was mad–but it usually seemed to work.

4 thoughts on “So great to have someone to come home to!

  1. I have red the book and I just red the title and the whole idea came back to my head. Wonderful selection of quote, Ayaz.

    @Lubna: Cuckoo’s Egg is about technical stuff but written with a layman (ok not-so-layman) reader in mind. You can try giving it a shot.

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