Ask: Persistent issues with PTCL Broadband DSL service.

I have been facing two slightly related issues with PTCL Broadband DSL connection consistently ever since I started using the service.

I am using the de facto SmartAX MT880 DSL modem PTCL ships out as CPE with their broadband package along with YCL CPF105C ADSL splitter device. The modem is set up in a common household setting — the wire from the land-line sockets is plugged into the LINE port of the splitter, the only telephone set in the house hooked through with a wire to the PHONE port of the splitter, while the MODEM port connected to the modem through another cable. The internal configuration settings for the modem are exactly as PTCL recommends with, notably, VPI/VCI ratio under WAN Settings set to 0/103. Encapsulation is configured to LLC, with connection and wan types set to PPPoE and PPP, respectively.

What are the issues I am facing? The modem de-syncs occasionally. That’s issue number one. The second issue, which is more frustrating, is that while the ADSL link remains established, connectivity breaks down, comes back, breaks down again, and so on and so forth. The latter behaviour manifests itself a lot more often than the former, although at times the former logically follows the latter (but not always and not most of the time). With the issue with failing DNS that is not uncommon with PTCL DSL, I should like to clarify what I mean by “connectivity breaking down”. The default gateway for my PVC-0 link is always Therefore, when I confronted issue number two the first few times, I figured if PTCL’s backbone connectivity is dead when my connectivity is dead, I would still logically be able to get to the gateway without any loss of packets. So, ever since, I have made it a habit when I log in to the system to open up a terminal and keep a session running in the background that is consistently pinging the gateway. When the connectivity breaks down, the ping to gateway breaks down as well (and vice versa). That outright rules out faulty DNS as one of the possible causes of the issue. The ping to gateway simply breaks.

On some days, it would just work fine–the ping to the gateway would run smoothly without so much as a hitch. On other days, it would either run fine for a while and then start breaking off, or start breaking off and on from the outset. That breaking part is most annoying, as there is no fixed pattern to the behaviour, and once the connectivity breaks, all my sessions naturally get timed-out without my realising what has happend not until it becomes perceptible. Make the break-ups more consistent, and you end up getting really frustrated, because you just can’t keep a session open with any other host for long without breaking off or timing out.

I have talked to PTCL support folks–but you know how support is. They seem to suspect there is noise in my phone line or the ADSL splitter is faulty. I have ruled out the latter by smacking in the old ADSL splitter I have from my previous DSL provider, As for a noisy phone line, I am not certain. When I had DSL service from, I never faced any of these issues. Even during rain, when I couldn’t hear the tone properly due to excessive noise on the telephone set, the DSL worked brilliantly. It is only since I got PTCL DSL subscribed to that I have been facing similar issues.

If anyone reading this is using or has used PTCL DSL, I would like to hear your thoughts about and experiences of the service and any similar issues that you are facing or may have faced. Thanks.


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  1. Ayaz, you are right about issue #2. I am also facing it; though I am not that much technical in this regard: I have no idea what VPI/ VCI ratio is and what exactly PVC-0 link mean. But I have seen the same going dead (though occasionally…say, once in a week for 4/5 hours). I am not facing issue #1.

  2. If you go into WAN Settings for the web config portal of modem, you will see PVC-0 is your PPPoE interface name (like eth0). I didn’t know what VPI/VCI stand for so I looked them up, and it turns out they stand for Virtual Path Identifier and Virtual Circuit Identifier (two things that are common in and important for all DSL modems). What is important about the VPI/VCI setting is that unless you have the correct ratio, the connection stays unestablished. For example, if you reset the modem to factory defaults, the VPI/VCI ratio gets set to 0:35 (0:35 or 8:35 is the common setting for modems worldwide). I wasted a whole day with support telling me my password has been expired. In the end, it turned out the setting should be 0:103.

    OK. Thanks for confirming. I am positive it is an issue with their gateway or something. I’ll look into this more thoroughly now.

  3. Hmmm, even i was facing such issues. I have PTCL 1mb package, and have been using it since July 2007. After all the arguments and discussions with the PTCL support guys, i have changed my Normal PTCL Black Copper wire with my own CAT-6, from the Pole to my houe, and using my own AZTECH ADSL Router.
    Since then i have not faced any of these problems regarding conneectivity. And about the DNS issue, i am using DNS from, they work fine for me. Now everything is running smoothly.

    Kind Regards
    Mudasir Mirza
    Crystal Net Communication

    • how could you use a cat6 cable rather then 2 pair copper wire from pool ? O.o
      or can we?
      Is that eliminates noise/distortortions in the line which causes by interference by electricty wires hanging in the streets !
      Please tell me how to do that and if it gives some advantage over 2 pair copper wire?

  4. Thanks for the comments, Mudasir.

    I am beginning to suspect that the hardware PTCL DSL guys have installed at the exchange is less tolerant to line noise than the hardware guys installed was.

    I had discussion with a girl on PTCL support this morning. She guided me through the Modem configuration setting to disable DNS (which I really don’t see how is related to issue #2), and switch ADSL type from ADSL2+ to multimode. She added that it would be fine now as settings for the modem were slightly off base.

    It has been working fine so far, not that the issue has totally vanished. I will test it further a few days.

  5. Dude,
    I can not recall the proper term but have you checked the “Always-on” (or “Stay Alive”) setting in the router? Most routers /DSL modems disconnect themselves based on certain criteria e.g. idle time etc.

  6. I’ve been using Ptcl DSL since August 2007. Subscribed for the 1Mbps package,but got stuck with 256 for a while until they could port provision me to the 1Mbps. I initially had a lot of problems, the whole sync/desync issues too, and the modem is very susceptible to loosing the link on the slightest noise( cheap chinese stuff I guess). However its been working fine since November 2007. I average speeds of 105kb/s on downloads :). I’m thinking of changing to Linkdotnet, since they’ve come up with a cheaper plan. Know anyone who’s got that ?

    Check them out if you haven’t:

  7. well i have not really had any issues with their supplied hardware (ZTE ZXDSL831D) or connection drops, but i have plenty to say about their tech support. they have still not upgraded me to 1Mbps (been 3 months) and i am now thinking of shifting to LinkDotNet. Also, i can never get my DLink Wifi Router to work with their settings, even though i have tried a million different combinations. So no wireless for me :(

  8. Thanks for the comment, Ubaid and Asad. Apparently, they provide different sets of hardware to different customers (I am not sure why). After switching the DSL mode in the configuration for the modem to “multimode” from its previous setting of “ADSL2+”, things have been better, but not all OK. I still do loose connectivity at times, and the lines de-syncs more often.

    I am toying with the prospect of moving to Wateen’s WiMax. PTCL landlines are completely fickle, and depending on them for Internet connection is just a loss.

  9. Hi there,

    Its true. PTCL-ADSL 256kbps connectivity drops @ certain times and its no more stable. This is irritating and frustrating. I am living abroad and on my last visit to back home, I installed PTCL ADSL with the hope that home internet will work with good speed. But unfortunately, it was a totally wrong pick with PTCL.

    Any solutions to this problem? Or better saying bye tp PTCL-DSL?


  10. Thanks for the comment, Hassan.

    I have no complaints with the speed. As part of their all-out move to upgrade all the existing packages free of cost, I’ve been upgraded to a 512kbps connection with unlimited bandwidth. While that is exciting with download speeds upto and around 50KB/s, for the past three days, the DSL has been sync’ing in and out annoyingly quickly. Truly, it is most frustrating. Apparently, people suggest that the micro-filter (ATM splitter may be somewhat ineffective), or the equipment PTCL have installed at the exchange is quite intolerant of noise. I am really not sure.

  11. dear Ayaz,

    after too many visits from ptcl support guys, even they also suggest close my PTCL broadband connection, even there supprt guys playing one more game in market, they are selling Reach technology base CPE device name paradyne ( zhone ) in price lumsum Rs. 3500/=, as well as i check market for other connection just like i ask them what is the contention ratio of 2mb dsl, they said to me we are committing only 512kbps on their 2mb connection( as u knokw this is ORASCOM ) and we know mobilink services and their hidden cost cutting + cheating policy, in too many bads PTCL is less bed, God bless them before they drop down, as well as other peoples saying PTCL laying technology ( ONU ) fiber optic but on, no other DSL companies are allow to serve their services due to badmashi…any way they have dark future due to their atitude.

  12. I had a very poor experience of Link Dot Net’s DSL connection. Currently they are suffering by “internet disconnection issues”. The connection session automatically expires after every two minutes. So after reading comments about Wateen telecom, I will switch to Wateen telecom. I hope they will provide high speed with no disconnection issues that Link Dot Net has.

    Anyways, I have written a blog post where I have shared my thoughts about poor services by Link Dot Net. You can read this blog at

    Thanks for your attention.

  13. Hi there,

    Please help in this matter, during broswing my ADSL connection dropped.

    Any solutions to this problem?

    Thanking you,

  14. Hi, Mansoor. Thanks for the comment.

    Please make sure that the DSL mode is set to multi-mode in ADSL modem settings. If that does not work well, then there is either too much noise in your land line or something else is wrong. I cannot help you more than this. I could not fix the problems I was having with PTCL myself.

  15. I have been using PTCL dsl for almost a year and most of the time it gives me hard time.I use to call for technical support by dialing 1236 but now they are asking to call 18 for any problem with your dsl.I did try to call 18 and been waiting for one hour arround 4 to 5 times and was hearing “wait you are beeing connected to a customer service representative…”. I am faid up with ptcl, is there any good reliable dsl service provider in town?? I would really appriciate it..


  16. get HUAWEI SmartAX MT880 it is working absolutely perfect , previously i was having shiro, it got some problem due to electricity spikes and i had to face issue #2.
    from past 2 months no issues. MASHALLAH.

    • Please can you tell me from where you get Hawaii router or whats the way to got it ,i have heard some one that Hawaii 510 is best as well .

  17. I am having exactly the same problem as the OP. After i connect to the internet i am using the internet without any problems but after 15 minutes or so i get disconnected. Now i don’t know if this is PTCL’s fault or my landline. I can easily browse and get into the Modem using the gateway. And mingle inside the modem but i can’t connect to the internet. I always have to restart my Router after some time.

    This is really getting annoying especially if you play World of Warcraft or Team fortress II.

  18. Hi Deal All,

    I had very Bad experience with PTCL specially i want to destry it’s 1236 setrvices because i never ever any body pick my call , it’s just for hearing operator recording nothing else.

    I really happy with LDN and it’s Services specially it’s custiomer services really nice.

    So dont go for PTCL it’s simply bekar and bukwas.

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  20. Hi, My PTCL modem use to get disconnect after every 5 to 10 minutes.
    here what i did to resolve this problem after a lot of effort.
    now i have longer sessions.
    hope this work for u. but rem to follow all steps.

    in ure web brower, type
    username admin
    pass admin

    click wan-> modulation
    check ADSL_2plus
    click submit.

    then on left side. click Save settings/
    then on left side. click Restart router/

    If this resolve ure issue then dont forget to say thanx :)

    Take care

  21. Thanks for comment, Muhammad.

    However, I have tried setting ADSL type/mode to ADSL2+, among other values, but mine works better on “multimode”. But even that started deteriorating, and now with ADSL2+, I can hardly even sync.

  22. Hey guys…i duno wht da bloody hell is wrong wid ptcl its just been 3 days since i have had it and im sick of it already. Can anyone believe it dat i got my router configured from micronet( my previous dsl provider..its simply da best..i cant get it in my new house coz of the fibre wire shit)!!!!!!!Ptcl customer care sux. PLz help me in solving da noise problem in the line. Da noise is ONLY AND ONLY there when i am connected to da internet otherwise its crystal clear. how should i check it coz i checked it wid 2 splitters but its da same in both cases…PLZ help!!!!!

  23. Hi all of you!
    Reading all of theses comments, and concerning with my own issue, I need to say that i have theses 3 main issues:
    1. Connectivity drop, as mentioned by ayaz, the same.
    2. bandwidth suckage, IDK what you call this, i mean sometimes it appears that all connections are choced, i have to restart every thing.
    3. The MAIN iseeue with me and I NEED HELP IN THIS REGARD PLEASE, is this: I play online games, esp, Quake 3 Arena. when i first installed this dsl, i got 160-200 ping (ms) to my favorite servers, fine i was glad by having this from 300+ when using modem, BUT after a weak, all things screwed up, NOW my ping to the same servers is 300+, just like my old modem had, needless to say what hard time i had to fix this, talk with PTCL tech support who inmy opinion are not well aware of network, reinstalling all things, converting to new PC, digging the web and testing different settings, resetting dsl….etc,etc. hope got that, BUT the problem stills remains.
    The only reason for me to get the dsl was to play quake with good ping, but thats screwed up. Can any1 tell me what the problem is?
    Now here are my things:
    Shiro adsl
    even i paid a good amount to a line man who changed my whole copper wire from my home to the pole with a new one.
    but the ping stings.
    Other problem remains the same
    AND My conclusion:
    as some1 said above that the main problem is that the PTCL machines or settings on the Exchange is not appropriate, I AGREE WITH THAT as i had many visits to the local exchange dsl room.
    AN y help?????????

  24. Hello, Wasi:

    Thanks for the comment.

    I am sorry to hear about your problems. I can only empathize with you.

    However, you can probably narrow down the causes of the lag you are
    seeing. Why don’t you try running traceroute (using the ‘tracert’ command on windows command shell) against the game servers? The lag at each router will be displayed as the packet passes through to reach the server. You can tell whether the issue is within your network, or PTCL’s Internet connection sucks.

    I have got rid of PTCL. I am using Wateen’s WiMax for the past three months.

  25. I’ve been using ptcl for a couple of months starting off at a 512kb connection and now onto a 2mb one. I must say that the performance of the 1 mb connection was far better than the 2mb one I now have. There arent frequent disconnects, but the internet just dies very frequently now. Then it comes back, gives bursts of speed and then dies again. Truly frustrating. I’ve got two lines in my office. Different modems, shiro and zxdsl. Both internet connections suck now. Extremely frustrating. Losers can’t seem to get their work processes in place.

    I’m thinking of moving to wateen, but I got ticked off when they told me to email their corporate department for further info. How stupid is that? People dont pick up the phone in this country how the hell is anyone going to answer an email, and obviously wateen didnt answer. You cant ask for corporate info from their outlets – they only do consumer stuff. I’ve had it with consumer shit – there is nothing worth it here. I’ve tried ptcl, multinet, nexlinx, wol. ALL SUCK. If you think ptcl is the worst, ptcl shits on these others. But overall its quite bad too. Can you tell me, ayaz, how ur experience with wimax has been?

  26. Thanks for the comment, Ali.

    I do empathize with you. Though I have not had so extensive an experience with PTCL as you have, I have suffered similar problems (and in some ways, more severe ones too).

    I am happy with Wateen’s WiMax. Everyone’s experience differs. The first few weeks of buying WiMax, I faced signal strength issues. The area where I live is dense, plus Wateen had not at that time installed more than a couple of boosters/towers. Naturally, I had to keep the CPE on the roof to get excellent signals. Over time, however, that changed. Today, I have the CPE on my table next to my laptop in a room that is mostly closed shut, and I get excellent signals with a great SNR. There is a bit of lag imposed by the complex maze of networks packets have to take within Wateen’s networks, but otherwise, I am happy with what I have invested in.

    I don’t know what’s the best solution for reliable Internet connectivity for corporate settings. To that end, I think (and only think) that WiMax won’t really suit a corporate environment (yet).

  27. I have same issue # 2 . Since 10 days and it doesn’t seems that the PTCL authority will notice it unless i approach to the higher authorities.
    I have shiro Modem which was working fine since 2 months but now after authentication , ping got breaks to the DNS , even i can’t ping to properly.
    I know every networks have problems and issues, but actually In PTCL it seems that the customer is like a beggar that nobody notice it unless he/she have approach to the MNA/MPA. I don’t know why we can’t work without DANDA.
    I can’t change the ADSL because my line is ONU ( optic fibre ) so means i can’t use other ADSL services.

  28. Hi, Kashif:

    Thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear about your issues with PTCL DSL. I have had similar and other issues. My phone line however is still on the old copper twisted pair. Moving the telephone network over to fiber optics is supposed to make things better in terms of SNR and other connectivity issues caused by the old network. However, as I hear from people, things have not got better.

    If you have problems with domain name resolution, do consider using separate DNS servers, especially those from OpenDNS. I have a blog post about it somewhere. As far as problem with packets dropping is concerned, then, yes, sadly, that is an issue with PTCL’s networks. When I started having problems, I could not even ping PTCL’s nearest gateway without having a lot of packets dropped. It is sad and deplorable. I hope it works out for you, in whatever way.

  29. o.k Ayaz,
    I will check it by changing with openDNS , but i don’t know what’s the reason behind that i can ping my WAN IP ( means no ping breaks ) but whenever i try to ping their gateway then it got break. And after few minutes ( 3,4 minutes ) my WAN IP vanishes and then i try to refresh and re-connect and same game is continue since 10 days.
    I have change my modem, install/reinstall windows , change wires, Lan card.

    Line is not the issue cause my telephone line don’t have noise and it sync successfully.
    Each time i try to contact their customer support they are just addressing it like a (customer side fault) and that’s drama is continue till this date. No authority is visiting cause they know they will got Salary at the end of the month regardless of work they do or not to do.

    Thank you for your reply.

  30. After 15 days PTCL support guys have realize that it was actually the gateway issue but not the customer side fault. Hope so the problem would be solved on next month (unless they are interested to solve) :)

  31. Using PTCl 512 kbps connection for 1 years..But God promise,since the day i got the connection,It made me lunatic to solve connectivity issue,thou i dont have know wht is sync..I must not use any harsh word for ptcl,but surely Add that “As when Army invades in,They cover-up tiny to gigantic Stuff,which helps them to invade fully..But when Ptcl launched services,why they emphasized in Dominition of their services all over Pakistan only,,what about they cover ups (ie DNS or Connectivity of Gateway or other issues)….?

  32. They doesn’t care or satisfy existing clients, but are launching more products. I think first they have to look after their networks and workforce. Complaint Cell 1218 and local exchanges/Gateways are isolated. When you ask them or try to report to supervisors, then you never find a single supervisor or superior authority in his seat. God knows they exist or not. So if unfortunately you got a problem then you have to diagnose the problem yourself. And have to waste time, cause that’s the only thing having no concern with PTCL authorities. Otherwise people don’t wan’a loose their Halal money in such promises which only can see on TV advertisement. Why they are wasting our Taxed money (Govt. money) if they can’t provide QOS ( quality of service ).
    Yesterday after my request to my local exchange a support guy came to my premises and told me that you have Authentication issue. I said how you can say that i have authentication issue even i can get my WAN and gateway IP’s most of the time. Then his reply makes me to think about something , he said “Your modem light is green, it should be orange in case if it’s an authenticated session”. He was just hurry that he didn’t even wait to support his remarks and left for some more promises that tomorrow ( which God knows when it will come ) the problem will resolved.

  33. I am using ptcl512kbps for a few months since now and as stated by many other people here that connection timesout…etc…I have a question regarding ports, I would like to start my game server and it says the ports are blocked..

    Is there a way to open them I think they are blocekd by my isp but I want to open them in any ways possible the ports I wanna open are 10666 and forward but how do I do that.

    Ping in games suck to!

    Please help:(

  34. Hi, Shehryar. Thanks for the comment.

    I cannot help you with the connection lag issue, but I can suggest something about the closed ports issue you are receiving. PTCL is not likely blocking them. It is the firewall on the DSL modem that you are using. By default, the firewall blocks incoming connection requests on all ports. You will have to get a guide to the DSL modem you have, log into, and enable “port forwarding” in the firewall. That will allow you to set up any system on your network as a game server or any other server.

  35. Hello, Kashif.

    I am sorry to hear that again.

    That was pretty irresponsible of the support guy. He should have at the very least checked by logging into the admin portal of the DSL modem. Some modems tend to have link LEDs that turn from green to orange when the ADSL connection has been successfully authenticated. Others, like the one I have from PTCL, stays green irrespective of whether the connection has been authenticated or not.

    All I can do is hope and wish the issues get resolved.

  36. I dont know What to say but i must add that Ptcl customer service is the repository of Lies and deceits.For 5 days now,Im Facing the issue,where my connection stabels ie “Noise Margin” Pretty Good,”Line Attinuation” Better,But NO COnnectivity.Resolving the Issue,I have Launched Five complaints,every time they issue a complaint Number,But support Guy is Some where in Paradise with Hoor.I have asked them many Times that if PTCL facing some kind of Problem or If they are Upgrading something,Then b Sensible and tell me the Truth so that i can be contented that Regarding issue is not on my Part,but sadly they always say “WE HAVE GREAT GOING DSL WHICH NEVER BREAKS UP”however i know they are maligning The Facts thats Why even Their support guy never care to visit:
    Hell For Ptcl

  37. Hello guys, I am using ptcl dsl from 2 months. I had really bad xp with ptcl help support. I’ll tell my sad story some other time.
    Last month when the loadshading was on the peak ptcl dsl was not disconnecting but from this month start…. Here we go again… I had new phone line connection no noise no nothing, its working fine.. My bro is using dailup at other computer for gaming sometimes .. dailup works fine no lag no connection time out… but with my PTCL ADSL i am having Time out every few minutes some time connection drops and come after hour.I also played the same game with my bro and guess what happens !!? my bro didn’t got any lag disconnect or time out, But i got all kind of time out and lags. We was playing on the same Phone line he connected with cybernet dailup connection i was on my PTCL ADSL….Anyways, I called help line they are just messing around with my connection or modem settings but everything is fine, I can smell that they are bluffing something wrong with there servers…. I mean what’s going on ??? I think router is fine… I think am disconnecting because of PTCL servers Got too much load…
    So what you guys suggest ? Can this problem of mine can be solved ? Or i should change my internet connection to —-> Linkdotnet ?

  38. Hey,Imran Dear this kind of issue we all facing up here since we get connected to PTCl.ADSL Link remains stable but Connectivity just lost,and restart of of ADSL Modem is also there without any damn cause.What we got here is:
    1-PTCL Lines are unreliable for Carrying ADSL network with Consistency.\
    2-There’s CHina based Modems are of Low Quality that even slightest Noise can force these bugs to restart,However this issue is not with AZTEC Modem.
    3-The Most important is The Gateway Issue,Which directly corresponds INternet for PTCl is ruthless and unreliable.
    At this time PTCL is facing Gateway issue for ADSL,which has never been worked out in any sense(But i have come to know that PTCL has realised The Gateway issue and hope we get connected smoothly again in future..lets hope)thats y all users of PTCL are facing frustrating Days and |Nights.I can not recommend u any thing here,Think urself and Do whatever u wish to do,but make sure Loss of Connectivity is not on ur Part,be sure on that: Bye

  39. Hello guys,
    Today Morning after sehri from 6:30am to 8:30am net came smooth no DC no Lag no timeOut.. I went to Garena Client(gaming client) to check if i got DC’s but the game ran smooth, net was coming great some guys in the game room getting dc suddenly and some of the guys who got ups told me that the light is gone…
    Yep “light is gone” that’s they said, This is why the net was coming smoothly because load on ptcl servers was less at the moment…
    After 8:30am my light went off too, just as I’ve suspected…
    It came after 9 hours :( …
    Now I’ll say that wapda makes the load on ptcl servers less so that’s why they both are still in business(Helping each Other to make money)

  40. Hey ayaz, I have tried what you told me about the firewall but still I dont think it is the firewall’s fault as it is allowing the ports but I asked one of the support guys while they were working on a cable of my neighbour they told me that the ports have been blokced by the isp and I would have to ask him to open…

    But when I ask my isp he pretends as if he doesnt know a thing about ports:( Now that is not a good idea and further more when I tried starting a server it did show on the server list but said my server was from brazil and also no one else could detect it because the ports are blocked. It shows my ip adress as which is from brazil but my real ip adress is something else:(

    I am really confused, and oh yes I have been planing to buy those wireless phones of world call or something would they come in handy or not please reply as soon as you can thankyou!

  41. Hi Shehryar:

    I don’t understand the DSL setup you have at your place. It appears you have some sort of a cable modem connection. Are you sure it is even PTCL DSL? Where did you get it from? When you purchase a PTCL DSL connection, PTCL guys come down your home, give you a DSL modem, install an ADSL splitter on your phone line, etc.

    Also, on you can check what your local IP at any given time is.

  42. Imran and Shahzad:

    I did not know of the ptcl servers being overloaded problem. It may well be true. I still think that, for me at least, the equipment they have installed at the exchange nearest to me is sensitive to slight noise. There are also always issues with their internal gateways, which lose connectivity with DSL routers frequently.

  43. Dear All

    please note the disconnection with the dslam is mostly due to power loss at the line or a bad noise margin as its the broad-band over the copper lines, it requires consistent level of channel communication between the dslam and the cpe to keep the connection established. There could be no. of reasons for ptcl’s network. One major issue is they do not test the copper line properly before installing.. while a broadband test is required to be processed using annex-a adsl tester on the pots line.

    Resolution : try asking ptcl to change the main pair and get a better noise margin. or try using someother service..

    Ali Kazmi
    Imzak Broadband

  44. Hey Shehryar,
    What you are asking is Port Forwarding Issue,let me tell u According to my (third class)Router ZTE DSL Modem(bcoz im using PTCL Internet).
    Go to Configuration like wise Go to Advanced > NAT > Virtual Server.(whatever modem u use,there must be Virtual Server,find it)Now simply click it..Now Click “ADD”.Now if i want the Port Forwarding for Bitcomet(p2p)sharing software or anything like that:Now for me if i want Port Forwarding for “Bitcomet” software,then i will go to Bitcomet’s Configuration,so go to “Option” then “Connection” now there would be “Listen Port” just Copy it and now go to DSL Configuration (likewise open Virtual server then Add Do like this:

    Customized service:(put any name)
    External port: (Paste port here or write down listen port of Bitcomet)
    Internal port: (same Port paste here)
    Internal server IP address: (write down ur ADSL ip, Find it ARP Table for ZTE its in Status > ARP Table or other wise do like this:Double click Local Area Network in taskbar then “Properties”)then “Internet Protocol TCP/Ip” now Give ur PC the Static Ip like:
    Check “Use the Following ip address” then “Ip Address”..assign like or any thing range from then “Default Gateway” most use this ip or
    or if u have already static ip from ur ISP then Put that Ip Above Blank Box..but for PTCL we get always “Dynamic”ip,so we must 1st assign Static IP to our any Software we r using. Thats all babye

  45. In response to my previous post ( just scroll Up plz ) i just discontinue the PTCL broadband shits after approx 1 months of hopeful situation. I don’t know why i need to pay for since the whole month i just received PING breaks and Breaks. Thank you for all the people who try to help me and guide.
    Allah Hafiz

  46. Ah yes :( I totally was confused at this point Yes I think it is cable modem not ptcl but the dudes say when they have trouble in the net ptcl is the root cause or something.

    Hey here is my mobile # 03214346054 call me up so I can discuss this in person…

  47. Hi Guys,

    I have been using PTCL broadband 512kbps connection for almost 6 months now, normally it works fine. But now something has happened I don’t know what my shiro modem’s dsl line light never comes on. I have a green power light and the green ethernet connection but fail to sync dsl line. Support idiots have tried every thing from replacing my modem, changin my connection ports from the exchange, praying to god :) etc. but nothing works. What can I do?

  48. with world call droping its quality in service, i decided to get ptcl smart tv as a backup in the event of electricity outage as worldcall no longer guarantees cable services during power outages.. But PTCl SMart tv turned out to be more unreliable than world call.. FRom constant disconnections to shitty customer service..PTCL has truly gone to dogs. i had this ‘garbage’ service installed in mid september and i cant recall even one week where i havent complained to PTCL. My problems started with the installation. they claim that all you have to do is dial 0800.. no and order online and wait for 10 days, but trust me it never happens.. after 15 days nothing happened. i kept chasing the ppl who answer customer service helpline, but they too could not help. each one would come up with a unique reason, the best reason that i got was ” Sir actually the customer has made some changes to the order which is why there is a delay”. I lost my cool and screamed to her that im the fuking customer and i made no fuking changes. On the 20th day i gave up and attacked there office near point parktowers. i stormed in and got hold of the senior management. after throwing names and fighting they managed to promise me that it would be done the next day. oh and the shocking thing they said was that they had never recieved any order !!. Once the damn device was installed i thought i could now relax and enjoy there service, but the real trouble was yet to start. Ptcl smart tv is a great service if it works, but it never works.. from the decoder heating up to picture freezing .. there were always problems. Today as i type this my internet disconnects after every 3 mins..(oh and my phone line is in top condition) if my internet stops my smart tv stops!.. i have been chasing them for the past 1 week but nothing has happened.. i plan to attack the office again lol.. Plz do not believe anyone when they say PTCL is great.. STAY AWAY FROM IT… i plan to get worlcall DTV and maxcom dsl.. i hear max has excellent customer service. this is my nightmarish experice that is still not over!. so while those who are not victims of ptcl, plz do remember me in your prayers..

  49. Hey Hamza

    Thanks for sharing your experience with PTCL and Smart TV. To date I continue to get offers to switch over to Smart TV, but having experienced the crappy DSL service from them, I dare not. I gave up on PTCL a long time back.

    I hope you do shift to a better service soon. I moved to Wateen’s
    WiMax. I have been very happy with it since. If it had been for PTCL, I would be without Internet all the time.

    Thanks again for dropping by.

  50. after repeated complaints and storming there offices, i managed to get one of their technical guys to come check out my problem. after assessing the issue, the chap said that my DB and wire (coming from the pole to my house) is old and needs to be changed. he then magically vanished, saying that he would return in 1 hour, after 1 hour i called his cell,which he conveniently switched off. next day in rage i again visited the exchange. got hold of the engineer and told him to fix my problem told him about the db and the wire, to which the engineer said that he had a new db available but had run out of wires. it was quite hard to believe that a huge ptcl exchange had run out of telephone wires,hell they couldnt even spare 30 m of wire. any how i told him give me the db and send the chap over to hook them up. the line man came and put the new db up, but the problem didnt get resolved my modem was still doing the same ‘sync unsync’, but the time frame had improved, meaning it would unsync after 30 mins as opposed to 4 mins. so Now all i need is the wire which that particular ptcl exchange doesnt have, and whats funny is that me being a customer is fighting with another department to give that particular exchange their wire. im fighting there battles…lol . 4 days have passed no wire yet, can i get this wire from the market?

  51. No issue regarding Gateway / DNS breakdown…. Just check the A/C Input Voltage Level to the ADSL Router. Connect it through some Voltage Regulating device… and problem solved.

  52. okay but then how come it was working okay for about 3 weeks, and now suddenly there is a voltage issue. ive heard about this voltage issue for the shiro modem, the one they gave me was huwaei.

  53. nope regulator did jack .even with the voltage regulator it still syncs unsyncs.. even though they changed the wire, i think their copper maybe the real problem. if i change the wire wit cat-6 maybe then i might have relief.

  54. hi there,

    I have been using ptcl dsl from 1 month, i have 2 issues …. one is that i have aztech 605 eu dsl modem …. dsl connects successfully …. but i have another shero modem which waz provided by ptcl …. ven i waz using dsl and da second modem waz turned on dat modem got connected and my connection got lost …. ven i turn off da shiro modem i cannot connect on my aztech modem …. and my dsl line got blinking but didnt get stable …. on the other hand ven i again turn on again my shero modem … it got connected safely …. but aztech modem doesnt respond …. didnt know wats happening to me …. anybody dere can help me ???

  55. John sums up telepresence from a network perspective, “Telepresence is an interactive real- time application, which means it is delay sensitive, loss sensitive and jitter sensitive. This sounds familiar: it is just like VoIP, with the one difference being that it has huge bandwidth requirements.” It’s that last part that makes things more difficult. No form of QoS can allocate bandwidth that doesn’t exist and it doesn’t have provisions to force the application to downscale the experience based on realtime metrics. …

  56. ok! Ayaz i wanna ask you a question. I have two phones hooked up with my main line. One is for DSL and other is for normal phone usage. Now if i get my copper wire converted to fiber optic line, will i be able to use the other phone or it would just be for DSL internet. Plz reply.

  57. hi every one..

    i hv shiro DSL modem & 1mb Link.i was using this service before 2 before 5 days my connection given me problem.
    the problem in my connection disconnect after 5 min some time 10 min some time after 1 to 2 hours.

    i dont know what is the problem.ptcl change the line also but same problem i dont know what is the problem.
    Modem Status
    Modem Status
    Connection Status Connected
    Us Rate (Kbps) 254
    Ds Rate (Kbps) 1020
    US Margin -17
    DS Margin 31
    Trained Modulation ADSL_2plus
    LOS Errors 0
    DS Line Attenuation 22
    US Line Attenuation 11
    Peak Cell Rate 599 cells per sec
    CRC Rx Fast 0
    CRC Tx Fast 0
    CRC Rx Interleaved 0
    CRC Tx Interleaved 0
    Path Mode Interleaved

    DSL Statistics
    Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0
    Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0

    Regards if any one reply
    bye all

    • i dont know if you still need help ont his issue but right now i m also facing same problem .. here what i have don i change may modulation setting and remove checks from ADSL_2plus ADSL_2plus_DELT MULTI_MODE and submit , save setting that is it ..

      all is well. i hope this will help you becoz its working for me .. and this kind of problem happend becoz of modem also , i have 2 shiro modems one is working fine and on other one i have to do changes its modulation..

    • i had the problem as well but i did a different thing i deleted the Internet Connection Configuration extra ip which made my dsl work like hell

      go to it by
      and then delete extra setting but dont delets these two setting


      restart your modem and then see all is weell if it works for you then tell me

  58. well i have the same problem with my internet connection. i am useing adsl2+ shiro modem and its dsl light goes on and off i dont know why. but man its very frustrating. And its random somtime it working fine but otherdays its disconnecting randomly

  59. Hi
    I want to use my own router in place of the PTCL one I have been provided.

    The D-Link DSL-2640B Wireless G ADSL2+ Modem Router does not seem to connect me.

    Is there some network settings I need to configure on my PC or on the D-Link router inorder to get it to work?

    My regular PTCL router setup works fine.


  60. Pingback: Mohammad Haseeb » LinkDotNet - PTCL - ADSL Hell

  61. Salam everyone after reading all these interesting comments I thought I should share my experience of PTCL Broadband with all of you.

    I had PTCL 1Mb student package installed almost 2 months back and from day one it started giving me problems. Their low quality cheap third grade Chinese SHIRO modem would not sync with their exchange and when by some miracle it did sync internet would not work for more than 10 min. Everyday for almost a week I was on the phone with PTCL “senior” technical staff explaining them how their previous settings did not work and no one from PTCL showed up to fix the problem. I got so frustrated and fed up of all their excuses and nonsense that I decided to visit my exchange, little did I know that visiting the exchange would be a horrid of an experience. They made me change modem after modem with no result and gave me all these excuses just to avoid visiting my place. After two weeks of NOTHING I gave up on PTCL so-called “technical staff” and decided to take matters in my own hands. Here is what I did to make things better.

    1- I placed a new wire from the telephone DB (on the roof) to my room (this would only be helpful if your main telephone line has no distortion in it and the wire is in good condition if not then you should think of replacing the whole thing from the pole to your house and onwards or you can try cutting the old connection and making a new one just to check if it works). A good quality wire will cost your somewhere around RS8-12/meter. Placing a new wire will help you avoid using the low quality Chinese splitter and also you will be sure that you are not getting any kind of distortion.

    2- I bought a new ADSL modem (LINKSYS) with Wireless G. You can even by an AZTECH ADSL modem they too work and are not so sensitive to noise in your phone line unlike SHIRO. Linksys is a bit expensive but worth the price.

    3- I also used a stabilizer to power up my modem, it helps with the surges.

    4- Got my username and password from PTCL and all the settings that I needed like VPI/VCI and tried out a few different modulations to see which works best.

    5- Used to avoid their shitty DNS servers.

    All of these steps worked a miracle for me and FINALLY I am now enjoying the speed and the connectivity that I am paying for. PTCL sucks but IF you get it to work it is not that bad of a deal especially with the student discount.

  62. Assalam-u-Alikum
    i am facing a constant problem is that when any one pick the telephone the modem move to unstable state but it will retain after a min but i want figure out why this happen?
    plzzz help me i am very thankful to you

  63. Whats up blokes/ My problem with the PTCL is that downloading is not persistent. it keeps on breaking for like 10 to 20 seconds and then starts with a boost of 4 to 5 Mb/s. its my third day trying the Customer Care Center but in vain. Hope you guys could help me out.

  64. Hi

    After resetting my shiro DSL modem, I lost all my settings and does not connect with internet.

    Now how can I configure my DSL modem and connect with internet. please guide me.

  65. Bsnl Broadband , 1 Adsl Splitter need For Modem Huawei SmartAX MT880? Where 2 buy i m from City Ahmadabad ,
    State Gujarat , Country India….

  66. Dear Ayaz

    I am also using PTCL DSL and I have faced the same issues that you have mentioned in your article. The PTCL Technical Support people are right when they told you that you have a faulty phone line. I would also say the same. I faced the same two issues that you have mentioned last year for 5 months (in 2008) and then got the line man to change my phone drop wire (from the pole to the house) and now my internet is working alright. Your problem is not with PTCL DSL but with the landline. Have your line man change your drop wire and I am certain that your problem will be solved. Another suggestion is to get your line on fiber optics. If you can do this I guarantee you that your internet will work super.

    Thank you

    Syed Shaheryar Razzaki
    Razzaki Computers

  67. well this is me i was this service for 2 months nd they were not sending bill etc so i waited for them and after 2 months when i got my bill myself from ptcl office it was 3280 now when i submitted the bill and everything all right net back everthing fine
    but after 2 weeks things went horribly wrong now net works for 5 minuts and stops what z the problem i sure from myside its ok its from ptcl somethign z wrong well what should i do whatever to ur discussion it didnot help me

  68. I have all the issues that your facing, its not only me but i guess its a fault in my area, and every one in my neighborhood has the de-sync problem. It de-syncs ever 5 to 10 minutes, but at some days it works fine.

  69. I am using Shiro DSL805E ADSL router+modem. Me and my hostel mates are sharing connection. The problem is they always download through utorrent, which kills the internet speed and even surfing can’t be done. I have QOS option through which i can prioritize the traffic but don’t know how to setup. Is anyone know how to setup QOS in Shiro modem+router?

  70. I also faced all these issues and the best solution i figured was to buy a wifi router of your own, i would prefer ASUS, and be sure to connect it to a stabilizer.

  71. Hi,

    I am facing voltage fluctuation issue PCs shutdown as well but finally I found ACER EVO which runs perfect even voltage drop 130 , and due to voltage issue my PTCL huwaei modem sync and unsync continoiusly , I conntect with my OLD most trusted stablizer PUMA , but the problem still same , I talk support guys as usual they have answer ,

    Is the any way I power my modem through my acer evo machine ?

    OR any other way to solve this ?

    Please reply .

  72. I have bought a netgear ADSL modem + router about 2 months back and am using PTCL broadband for about a year now…

    PTCL has provided a shiro modem which works absolutely fine, but when i plug in the Neatgear it keeps on disconnecting after 5 seconds of connection..

    at first the Netgear was not even sync’ing but after some settings of VPI/VCI (which is 0/103) it sync successfully, but doesn’t stay connected.

    The ironic thing is the shitty shiro is working perfectly :)

    I feel that i am missing a small detail here…

    Can anybody help me out ???

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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  76. Hi , i am complaining PTCL people for about 3 months now, i have change my Wire from internal to external. Few days it works. But after that DSL lights starts blinking again. Now when i engage my fone like when i pick up the receiver the dsl lights gets stable and net starts working and when i put the receiver on the craddle it stops :(
    Anyone having such issue or rsolved this issue :(

  77. I like the helpful information you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test once more right here frequently. I’m somewhat sure I’ll be informed plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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