Drenched memories.

It rained heavily, and periodically for a little over an hour.

The downpour, following an intermediate sand storm, was one that happened roughly after a whole year, or something to that effect. It came as a surprise, as with many other aspects of mother nature, but was, nonetheless, a moment to be cherished by us Karachiites.

Coincidentally, Shahbaz and I, while jumping off a local bus near our houses, were talking about the scarcity of rain in this part of the
country. The weather was a little temperate than ever with grey clouds covering the sky partially late morning today. It seemed to me that it would rain, but the eventuality was an unlikely one. Little did we know what we thought of was going to transform into a reality and to bump into our faces later the day.

It rained, and rained, and I was completely drenched.

During the downpour, I prepared tea for the family–something that I have been doing for ages–and left my cup on the main dining table after serving my mother. Having finished fixing myself a cheese sandwich, I noticed what appeared to be small black spots floating on the topmost layer of my tea. These were dirty drops of water that had somehow found their way in my cup through the ceiling window. I flushed the tea in the sink, and picked up the other cup lying safely in the kitchen.

Few things are better than a hot cup of tea, with a cheese sandwich, on a raining day.

I suppose it rained throughout Karachi. It had been a while, obviously.

(Note: I wrote this excerpt a couple of hours before midnight on the night of 18 June 2003. I consider myself lucky to have found it in the archives of the mailing list to which I posted during high-school years.)

4 thoughts on “Drenched memories.

  1. Did it rain on 18th June 2003? I wish I hadn’t misplaced my diaries … I would’ve liked to remember that. A hot cup of tea in the rain… as Krishan Chandar would have written: “I can’t imagine what more could one ask for in paradise.” :)

  2. I am positive it did. The email is dated 18 June 2003. And I always write such pieces *during* rain–that’s why I suppose rain is so magical for me. :)

    This post is for you. Sadly, it is the only one (of the many articles I had written about different aspects of nature while being surrounded by such) I could find in the archives.

  3. Well that settles it then. I did remember that it rained in the summer of 2003, but couldn’t be sure about date and month.

    A post for me … that’s sweet. A bouquet full of “Thanks” :)

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