OpenDNS: DNS that actually works, unlike PTCL’s or’s DNS.

PTCL‘s, and sometimes‘s, DNS servers bail out on me frequently. For example, today when I couldn’t get the system to resolve any host address, I temporarily switched to using’s DNS servers. To my surprise, I could resolve some of the more popular websites only, including,,, etc. I asked someone online to resolve Freenode’s address, went online and asked on ##slackware whether anyone would be kind enough to share their DNS settings. edman007 was kind enough to point out the DNS of I’m using those now, and so far, they have been working extremely well and without fail.


20 thoughts on “OpenDNS: DNS that actually works, unlike PTCL’s or’s DNS.

  1. Exactly Ayaz. I had been facing the same problem on my broadband connection, plus some other friends had been stating DNS time out errors.

    I had been using openDNS for sometime now, and its going pretty good.

    Also, people often complain “Hey. Download speed is amazing on my internet connection, but browsing sucks!!” — well that’s also a case of ISP DNS being overloaded.

  2. open from there you can get your own account and surf the net in personalized way extremely good filter for websites. It has also got world`s best adult content filter so you can be sure each and eveery of these websites can`t be viewed. you can also filter adware sites and what not dozens of categories. also make you own shortcuts like `h` for ``

  3. Zeeshan, there is no special logic behind it. The DNS PTCL, for example, uses did not work for me all the time. A number of websites would not resolve to their corresponding IP addresses at that time. Instead of using PTCL’s DNS addresses, I started using OpenDNS addresses, which worked a treat almost all the time.

  4. @ayaz so it means if i am getting speed around 30-50k then open dns might not help me ??? …by the way i am using ptcl dsl(newly installed)….
    one more question ….i have internal lan in my home which is connected to dsl modem….so i have to set dns setting in dsl modem ,router and all pcs ???

    the problem is that secondary dns is kept on changing :(

  5. No Zeeshan, it has nothing to do with the speed you may be getting. If you are having trouble opening any website, you may have a faulty DNS server. If that is the case, and you are not have to resolve that website’s address or domain, then you should switch over to another DNS where you can. The easiest way is to set the DNS setting on the DSL modem. Then, configure all you systems to automatically use the same DNS settings as the router/modem.

  6. Great… Thanx alot.. Now my own site is opening.. Thanx alot man. i was searching for DNS error from last month. For that i canged my net from cable net to PTCL DSL but my problem was not solved. Thanx alottt man.. now my site is opening.. But problem i thinkg that every ptcl user not enter DNS , so they not able to open my site :(
    I send complaint to PTCL about it , let see what they do.
    Jazak Allah

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