Stomach blues!

I have figured it all out. I can’t eat oranges. I can’t eat spinach. I can’t eat anything high on iron or that is acidic. I can’t eat anything save for what mom, dad and I cook (yes! I can cook. I am very much trained to do all sorts of house work, thanks to mom). I can’t even stand spices. If I do, I get sick. If I keep on doing it despite getting sick, I bog down real bad and end up religiously following a one week course of a couple of drugs without fail.

Mom, I know you brought me up in a very hygienic environment and manner. Ever since I was conceived, you kept everything clean and clear for me: my water and milk bottles were washed and rinsed in boiled water, I never drank anything other than properly boiled water, etc, etc. All my life, the food you’ve cooked has been simple, spice-less, and rid of many silly things that people over here otherwise find food to be tasteless without. I am happy you cared for me so much, I am grateful you’ve always kept my diet proper and never let me become like one of those who eat to live, but it is firing back now. If I only stick to eating home-made food, I stay in good health. And I try to keep it like that. But I don’t live in an ideal world (or, to be precise, at my home all the time). There are times when I absolutely have to eat outside, or at someone else’s place. And when I am faced with such times, I prefer to go on with an empty stomach. Like I did at the wedding party last weekend: Everyone got worn out from insisting I eat, and I got tired of telling them politely I can’t. When I haven’t brought anything from home, I stay hungry at office, despite how long I stay back. I can always consume biscuits and other stuff, but then those don’t really make up for a healthy diet alternative.

I know for a fact that people would jump to suggesting I start cramming down crap food more and more to make my internal system get used to it, but, I’m sorry to have to break it to you, that doesn’t work for me. It never has. If anything, all it achieves is throwing me in bed for a week with an unbearably painful stomach.

I have no choice but to refrain from eating out and avoiding what throws my stomach upside down — which implies that I have to end up staying empty stomach a lot of times. But, no biggie!

4 thoughts on “Stomach blues!

  1. Your mom has truely taken good care of you. In someways I am envious of the fact that eating from outside for you can be bad, this way you automatically stay healthy.
    But on the other hand some of the outside food, not the dirty filthy road side ones, are really tasty.
    But i guess molding your tummy
    BTW the other day I saw you downstairs with faraz and all going to lunch… where were u going?

  2. Let’s just say that I ate a crappy sandwich that I wouldn’t have eaten had I known it would’ve turned out to be crappy, and ended up with a bad stomach the next morning. :-)

    Ditto the tasty food point, but then again, a consequence of my mom’s stance towards food is that I have never developed a tongue (won’t even dare mention the stomach) to appreciate good food.

  3. I actually understand this plight of yours. However weird it may seem but i know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!

    First to make things clear, I love junk food and thrive on outdoor delicacies without any qualms. But I can not eat meat unless its been minced( i.e sandwich or pizza form). No mutton, no beef, no chicken! I simply hate broast or bar-b-q or roasted stuff. In all I’m a vegetarian and it drive people nuts. They simply cannot understand how I can say no to delicious looking drum stick or roated leg pice of some poor goat…

    Sometimes it looks very rude to say no all the time but I seriously cannot digest meat in any form :(

  4. Lubna, why do you always think it may seem weird to me to find out that you know exactly what I am talking about? :-) I don’t know, but every time I read that, I find it cute in a very strange way.

    A vegetarian, eh? Hello, Lubna, I am pleased to meet you. I am vegetarian too (thanks to mom’s cooking, again). Give me veggies any time, any where. I can eat any sort of veggie, from kareelay to toreeee, to bang-gun, etc, etc. I simply love them.

    I love junk food too — I just don’t love the state it leaves me with.

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