I wasted over twenty minutes waiting in line at the gas station in the morning only to find that my gas tank had space for 40 PKR worth of gas.


5 thoughts on “Sigh.

  1. 40 minutes of pure reflection or frustration ???

    Similar things happen to me as well. I guess, preoccupation IS a dangerous condition!


    P.S. What is the rate of Petrol there? It is 44 INR here.

  2. Astarte, [I think] 99% of the only people who still use petrol here don’t pay for it out of their pockets.

    Rahul, I don’t know. I haven’t bought petrol is a year now.

  3. Ayaz, in my case you are partly right, it gets shared willingly :) as both car and time are investments.

    Rahul, sorry to barge in … but even though it fluctuates, it’s around 60PKR.


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