Inevitable (Random Musings #24)

They say, “If you love someone way too much in this life, God takes them away from you, and grants them to you in the life hereafter“. I can only identify with the former.

6 thoughts on “Inevitable (Random Musings #24)

  1. R.E.M, apart from rapid eye movement while dreaming, is a band and the song “Everybody hurts sometimes” is one of their classics. (You might want to checkout todays’ Dawn Review, 1.11.2007). The lyrics are great, the way a poem or a verse can soothe an ache.

  2. Thanks. The Review, as usual, is up for late night readings tonight.

    It is weird how going through depressing songs or poems (depressing only because they remind you of something that hurts) brings a smile back across the lips despite the overwhelming shadow of sadness and sorrow lurking behind (such as hinted subtly by a part of the lyrics from a song from the movie The Train, the sort of songs my mom out of nowhere thought I shouldn’t be listening to because they sound depressing). I simply love that smile.

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