Dead phone line … Dialup … Connection timed out!

Last login: Sun Aug 26 22:38:09 2007 from

ayaz@laptop:$ date
Sun Sep 2 13:12:30 PKT 2007

Woah! That is scary. I hadn’t logged into my Slackware boxen at home in a week. Eek! There had not been a day I had not logged into that box in the last four years. Scary!

Part of the reason I will pitch in to justify the act of unpardonable blasphemey that I’ve committed is the dead phone line which has cut my fast lane access to the Internet off for the past week. I have been coming online from a dial-up connection that would put a whole breed of turtles to shame when it comes to the slowness of speed. Plus, the end of the telephone line where the jack goes into the socket is for god knows what reason glued into its place, and threatens to break off tearing the wire along if pulled. If that isn’t enough trouble already, that wire is only a couple of feet long, serving a telehpone set that rests only a few feet away from the socket. Consequently, I am left with no option save to take my new laptop that only boots Vista yet to within feets of the telephone set, plug in the wire, and get on to the Internet on a wagon to which it would seem a contradiction in terms if it were to be described anyhow as “band”. If only that was the end of my woes, the patch-up cable to the switch cannot stretch that far (at least, not without breaking off).

The phone line is messed up still, and I am without DSL still. I can only hope it gets fixed before the weekend goes to sleep which from the sounds of the pre-snores I can fathom is pretty near.

To all those bastards enjoying fast Internet, curse you!


10 thoughts on “Dead phone line … Dialup … Connection timed out!

  1. I was exactly looking for something like that. I want you to respond well to my serious scholarship A joke for you peoples! How do crazy people go through the forest? They take the psycho path.

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