How Attackers Go Undetected: Short talk at PAKCON III

I am posting a link to the talk I presented at PAKCON III, Pakistan’s Largest Underground Hacking Convention, at Pearl Continental, Karachi, on the evening of 26 July. The talk is titled How Attackers Go Undetected.

3 thoughts on “How Attackers Go Undetected: Short talk at PAKCON III

  1. And, how did they like it at PAKCON III ?-D)

    I really like the “lacanian typo” on slide 5 :-)

    A heavy _does_ of paranoia is always healthy.

    More seriously, I just wondered why you
    notified: “Wait till someone integrates TOR with Nmap.”
    What makes you say it has to be integrated, I thought
    it already was usable as is?
    Answer me thru my email if you feel that this discussion
    would unveil a lot more than reminding to the public the
    possible dark sides of Tor, nc and socat!

  2. They liked it very much at PAKCON. :-P

    About the typo: Dang. You have an eye for typos, don’t you, Loki? I totally missed that. But, I think the typo remained there because I need did get the time to proof-read the presentation — I made it in 3 hours, emailed it, closed the laptop, took a bath, and left for the hotel.

    As for the Nmap thingy, I’ll drop you an email from home. My phone line is dead at home, so DSL is down as well. As soon as that comes back, I’ll get back to you. Would love to talk on that.

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