3rd blogging anniversary. Three years ago, I wrote my first …

I hadn’t noticed. Today marks the passing of three tiresome years of my blogging epoch. The thought of celebrating, however modestly, the first anniversary had never crossed me, and I ended up shamelessly forgetting about it last year and year before. I may well not have remembered today either, were it not for the unexpected sidelong glance that fell on the post archive list and got stuck at “July 2004”. “July 2004” stood there, staring fiercely back at me, fuming, wanting to kill me if I didn’t notice it. It instantly made my ears stand up.

I am hardly happy over my memory, or at the fleeting nature of which. I suspect I could’ve blogged before July 7, 2004, but I have no proof to support that speculation. The oldest post I have intact dates back to July 7, 2004, which can be read here. It is a funny post. I wrote it to vent out anger and frustration that managed to bile up after the first ever semester project I did back at the University. I was a freshman then. I am a graduate now. Time flies.

In three years, I blogged decently. I maintained a balance between blogging because you love to write and blogging because you want to share information. I also kept my composure. A blog, I learned early, is not a personal diary. Anything you publish on the world wide web, perhaps, being a Security Engineer, it would do justice to say instead, anything you publish on the Internet, even when it is not published but kept seemingly hidden, is not personal. Or, it does not retain that status for long. People tend to write about everything on their blogs, from their likes to dislikes, grudges and crushes over someone, personal problems, depressing issues, joyous moments, et cetera. And it is very tempting to do so, too. But one has to remember that what they write, or more generally, make available on the Internet can be read by anyone at any time and tainted and used for any purposes, even, at times, to libel against the very person who wrote it. It is important to realise the importance and sensitive nature of what you make available on the Internet. In blogging, it is important to strike a balance between personal stuff and stuff that is OK for the public to read.

At odd times in my blogging history, I failed to maintain the balance, letting it fall to one side or the other. And, I regret it. However, all in all, what I’ve written has always been carefully screened by myself prior to getting published, and I’ve always made sure that, when droning on anything personal, I don’t let out too much, and when criticising someone or something, I don’t cross lines I am not supposed to cross.

In retrospect, I wrote about a lot of things. I have 159 posts today, the oldest dating back to July 7, 2004. However, of late, and as a good friend who tells me I inspired him to kick off his blogging career usually screams at me with a frown on his face, “You don’t write for your readers”, I’ve tipped the balance more on to the side of disseminating technical information and news. There are a couple of reasons for that, some of which I myself am not sure of. I am indulged in technical stuff more often than ever, plus with my career kicking off, I have hardly time for anything else. Another important reason, I believe, for my not writing about anything non-technical is abstinence. I am taking a lot of hits on the emotional front in my personal life, and I fear if I blog about it, I would trip over the line and go out and expose a lot of things I shouldn’t expose at all. And, no, I am not drinking, nor smoking, nor taking drugs, nor sleeping with anyone. Abstinence. If I blog, I know I will be tempted to write about it. To vent out. To cry. I avoid it, instead. Whatever little I write, it is purely technical. I regret my readers feel the need to leave the theatre a line too early, but, they’ll have to understand.

Blogging is fun. I love to write, so it have been even more fun. Blogging is a great way to fight writer’s block, too. But, again, you have to maintain a balance in what you write and what you should not write but still do out of temptation. When I look back, I can safely look at times when I badly wanted to lash out on someone, over something, but painfully resisted the urge. It was most important to contain the temptation, not only because it wouldn’t have been a nice thing to do, but also because over the years I’ve attracted a big reader base which includes people who are or may be my employees.

I don’t know what else to write. I am glad to have started blogging three years from now at this day, and I am glad to have kept blogging up till now. My blog alone has helped me in various ways. I am truly thankful.

I might celebrate quietly today. I already feel excited. Thank you very much for reading. :-)

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