Unfathomable (Random Musings #22)

After all the pain, suffering and sorrow, after so much prayer, so much believing, it ends in an instant, reminiscent of the way one get rids of an addiction — in a jerk. In an instant — and that is it.

8 thoughts on “Unfathomable (Random Musings #22)

  1. Can I ask you a question ayaz?
    Hope the answer is not ‘no’ ‘coz I’m still asking them…

    How can you let go of that, the thing that cause suffering and pain to you in an instant? and say this is the finalty and no more you’re going to think about it with pain?

  2. You needn’t ask for permission before asking me questions, Lubna.

    If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have let it go. One can’t clap with only one hand — however hard one tries, if the other hand is missing, one cannot clap at all. I didn’t have an option. Plus, through the ride, there were so many things that kept hinting to me that it would all end in an instant one day that, when that day finally came, I just didn’t have the strength in me anymore, nor stamina to hold ground and struggle.

  3. You know what…
    Strange as it may sound, I undestood every word of your comment.Hopefully the things you let go of, may get get replace by those which will be the source of happiness and contentment for you..

  4. Thank you, Lubna. “Moving on” may sound like a bland cliche, but it is one of the important lessons one must learn in life — and the sooner one learns it, the better.

  5. Dear Ayaz, I can feel the cold blaze in the
    wind that you met while you were in the maze
    struggling those shadows who whore blades.

    I lived it all and all again, that’s the labour of love.

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