Time drift in MRTG log file.

I have been writing a small Perl script (which is part of a large Perl script) to parse the log file generated by MRTG at work. However, apparently for an unknown reason (so far), MRTG is introducing a time drift in the first few entries in the log file consistently. Although I have devised a workaround for that that works well for the requirement at hand, I would still like to know what’s going on and whether the drift only exists in my environment. If anyone of you have any experience running MRTG, do take a look at this thread I opened on the mrtg-mailing-list, and do suggest if there’s anything you know that might explain the situation. I’d appreciate that.

2 thoughts on “Time drift in MRTG log file.

  1. I have a quesion for you might be able to answer about the MRTG log files example the mem avail log file they say every file is recoded in bytes but i cant seem to convert them correctly why is this? how do i tell which metrics to use for converting the bytes?

  2. hello everybody,,,,,

    i wanna know how to make log file in mrtg in fedora core 5………

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    thank you….

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    deni yulianti

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