Your eyes are precious!

For those of us whose work involves staring at a flickering screen for hours at end, Web Worker Daily has an insightful post titled “Five Ways To Be Nice To Your Eyes’’ that is a must read.

I spend hours sitting in front of and staring at a screen on a daily basis, be it for work or anything else. I am addicted to computers. If I don’t get to use my laptop, my day turns sour. I fail to figure out why, but it just does.

Despite having horribly weak eyesight, persistent headaches and all round eye strain, I neglect the little things you should do to avoid damage to your health when you strain yourself and your eyes to the same extent as I do. I am so absorbed in whatever I do on a computer that I turn numb to the otherwise crushing burden-like sensation that’s falling down through the eyebrows and the spiralling headache pulling the head.

My uncle once told me, having had a look at the small spot of dead skin that develops at one end of the wrists of those who work on computers excessively, that when you do something that takes a good part of your day repeatedly, you must ensure that you take every precaution to avoid inflicting any damage to your body and health, and that there is hardly any kind of work that you cannot do without hurting yourself. (He advised me to use a wrist band or support. Months after I joined the place I work for currently, I discovered a mouse-pad with wrist support that has made using a mouse for long hours a less hurtful and wrist damaging experience.)

There can be no better advice to inhibit the strain that builds up on the eyes while staring at a screen for long than to take breaks every fifteen or twenty minutes, close the eyes for a few seconds and look at something far off. It is by far the best and most feasible exercise one can afford to do. However, as anyone who is usually lost in their work will tell, it is a tad bit difficult to remember to take a break and perform this little exercise. You could do it once or twice, a couple of days with strict frequency, but soon you’ll find yourself neglecting your eyes more and more. It just happens.

I know how major a pain weak eyesight can be, so much so that I usually whine over not having better eyes (something people close to me would tell you). Whether you wear thick glasses or not, if you use computers a lot, please pay attention to little things like these and save yourself from ruining your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Your eyes are precious!

  1. finally a blog from MR.Ayaz i can ‘ understand’ and relate to :P

    il try to perform this useful exercise and most importantly continue it.

    P.S. welcom back!!

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