Hats off to Fedora Core 6 (all the pun that can be intended intended)

I think there is a pun somewhere there in the topic.

BBBart threw my attention to Eric Steve Raymond’s rant-cum-open-letter in which he vents out his frustrations on Fedora Core and Red Hat, in general, and Fedora Core 6, in particular. I can’t say whether he did the right thing coming out like that, but I do identify with his anguish and acknowledge many of the points he has raised. The open source world, and especially Linux, is all about the freedom to choose what you want to use. There are so many different forms of the same thing that sometimes it is hard to settle on one. However, the trend prevailing in the Open Source world is moving towards the egocentric “If you don’t like it, use something else” attitude (perhaps, egocentric doesn’t quite describe it). I know, I know, the code is free, and most of the open source projects don’t get paid for or not as much as they would had they been proprietary, but, I believe, this very mindset and attitude is against the principles of software development (and Open Source Software, in greater part). I can’t say whether it harms the quality of individual software products, but it harms, without a doubt, the image of Open Source Software. That is a sad thing.

Wait. Phew. I nearly went off on a tangent. I got the fifth ISO last night, burned it, ran the text-based installer, and had Fedora Core 6 running within an hour. The installation was smooth. What irked me this time was the fact that, though the installer did ask for the fourth and fifth CDs, it didn’t quite install anything from those. No sooner had I popped in the fourth CD and clicked OK did the CD-ROM tray eject and the installer asked for the fifth CD. And, again, (surprise, surprise) no sooner had I popped in the fifth CD (isn’t this becoming boringly repetitive?) did the installation quickly finished, and the try popped out, and the system waited to be rebooted.

On the flip side, Fedora Core 6 is running without a hitch. I would have to probably download latest drivers for my Intel onboard display adapter, but other than that, everything seems to stick to its place.

The issues I highlighted in my previous post still exist. You are only lucky if they don’t bite you soon enough.

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