Buying desktop PC. Suggestions?

I am planning on buying a desktop PC. Throw in your suggestions.

I want a moderately powerful system, with a fast processor and a large physical memory. I don’t do graphics, and I am not into games. The bulk of the heavy-duty work I would be doing on it will comprise running VMware, Matlab, hardware simulators and interface and programming applications, and, of course, Linux. My budget is tight. Any configuration not needlessly extravagant within 10K is desired.

I would love to hear what you’d recommend.


9 thoughts on “Buying desktop PC. Suggestions?

  1. I’d suggest you to consider second hand branded machines also. I purchased a HP Vectra Pentium3 1.0 Ghz with 128MB RAM for 10K about 16 months ago and it works fine. Visit Naz Plaza and Saddar once and you will have a better idea.

    Running VMware, Matlab etc do require big memory so you may need to install additional RAM because I think atleast you should have 512 MB of RAM installed in your system.

  2. You are right, Munir.

    Let me be a little more specific on my requirements. I am thinking that a processor with a 1.0-GHz clock, at least, will do, and about 1-GB of RAM. I don’t need a fancy graphics card, since gaming and graphics work isn’t a requirement. I don’t need a big harddisk either, as I have a 40-GB disk biting dust inside a system which itself is biting dust and doesn’t work. I need a combo drive, and no DVD drive. No fancy casings either. How is this?

  3. Hi Ayaz,

    How are you yaar ?.
    Nice to come across your blog.But i was just amazed to see Venial Sin in your Blogs-you-read..
    I have been reading him since quite a long time.Nice guy!

    Be Good.

  4. Hey, Ali. How are you doing? I’ve been doing pretty OK.

    The link you left to your blog (or whoever’s blog it is) is stale. It ends no-where. I don’t know how else to contact you, other than to reply here. I am only hoping you do drop by to read this.

    Someone on a chat channel forwarded me the link to Venial’s blog. I enjoyed and enjoy reading it because he is a great writer. I don’t approve of most of what he writes, not least the horrifying detail with which he describes what his personal and private affairs. Of course, he decides what to write and in what detail. I just tend to have less respect fro people who find pride in making a mockery out of this personal affairs by sharing them in public. Again, I admire his writing skills, and being an aspiring writer, I am naturally inclined to read well-written articles. And his blog is no exception to that end.

  5. I love The stupid ban on enforced by the PTA left me, and many others who had accounts there, with no choice but to move to other free blogging zones. I fell in love with wordpress, and have stayed with it ever since. Give it a try. It is great.

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