antiword: Reading .doc (MSWORD) files on the Linux CLI.

What more can you possibly ask for? antiword speaks for itself. I think it is the most useful piece of software ever created.

You can’t write .doc documents with antiword. Why in the world would you ever want to do that, in your right mind? Use plain-text or, better yet, LyX. And while softwares like Abiword, KOffice, and OpenOffice provide sound alternatives to reading .doc documents, they are both sluggish and fraught with errors and missing features. antiword doesn’t claim to be GOD – it is simply fast and effective when you want to quickly and easily access .doc files. If that wasn’t enough already, antiword let’s you do that from the command-line.

The ability to read complex .doc files quickly from the command-line: now that is one heck of powerful functionality bundled up in a small, fast package.

And for the screenshot fans, there is something here. :-)


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