Deathful wishing :(

Today has been one of those days where I wished, driving at 102+ on a busy highway, that I rammed into a car and died. :-(


15 thoughts on “Deathful wishing :(

  1. Bizarre thing is, I published this post, opened my blog, clicked on “add a comment”, and instead of being taken to comment section, I was shown an error message that said that the post is missing. :-O

    It was there, alright. I read it three times before clicking on “add a comment” and getting that bizarre message. :(

    Is that an omen? Or something?

  2. :-)

    Of course there is a whole lot more serious context to my having wished to die than congested traffic lanes. Only few people know it.

    I hope everything turns out OK [for me]. Thanks for writing.

  3. Did your slackware crashed? Have your GF left you? Did any Windows user get your r00t? Or Did John kick your ass and throw you out from the server room?

    No? Then what actually happened dude?

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