Running PHP4 and PHP5 on the same box.

As the sole systems administrator for the Linux box hosting the University’s website, I was asked nicely by the lead web developer, last to last week, to set up php5 alongside the existing php4 installation. A new component of the website uses php5, and rolling out that component was on top of the list.

I used Tim Dorr’s simple article, “PHP4 and PHP5 Side-By-Side“, to get php5 up and running on the system.


2 thoughts on “Running PHP4 and PHP5 on the same box.

  1. ahaan.

    well, btw php5 is working pretty smoooothly and that too without messing with the php4 installation. Although we agreed on using a different extension for files that were supposed to be parsed by php5 engine (extension = .php5)… but the Good ol’ apache and it’s .htaccess support comes in very handy in over-riding our assumptions.

    The situation is now.. *.php files are parsed with PHP4 for the entire site, excluding the new system that was added — where all *.php files are parsed using the newly added Php5 engine. Same extension, but two different parsers — thanks to .htaccess!

    It’s worthwhile to note that PHP5 has a much reliable and better OOP support~! PHP4 is preferred, where there is not a strict requirement for OOP.

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