Opening a bank account …

I had thought it an absurd requirement to have a reference of someone who opened their account in the same branch in which you wish to open a new bank account. This guy left me under that misapprehension. It was not until I walked into the branch office in my area the other afternoon to request to open an account that I was told that a reference of anyone who opened their account in any branch of the bank will do, but that the request will be processed more quickly if it is from the same branch.

The guy at the branch office I visited asked me to bring some requisite pieces of documents on my next visit, so that he can start filling my form and processing it. Only, I seem to have forgotten what he asked.  That means, another extra visit to the office tomorrow (perhaps).


3 thoughts on “Opening a bank account …

  1. Hain?? You keep your monies in a bank? Man, I keep all my monies in my socks, just like Uncle Scrooge! You see, it’s safer that way, and you’re saved from all the chakkar baazi of opening accounts in banks. Socks are safer, more airy, and you can color code your socks to remember which sock contains what type of money! Try it!!

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