Pertaining to Cricket and everything around it.

A friend and I had a brief conversation online about the on-going debate over the third test match between Pakistan and England which came to a controversial stop. Here’s the coversation. Enjoy. ;-)

Ayaz: What are you doing? Watching porn?
Aqua Hill: no. just reading about inzimam and the match contreversy
Aqua Hill: what are you doing? watching porn?
Ayaz: no.
Ayaz: i’m writing an e-mail to boss reporting the details of the scripts i have developed over the past couple of weeks.
Ayaz: so, what’s the controversy about?
Ayaz: are pakistanis really innocent?
Aqua Hill: pakistan should have left the field as soon as that asshole gave a 5 run penalty
Aqua Hill: than shahriyar khan lied by saying that the pakis “Were” gonna come out after tea, but a little later as in protest
Aqua Hill: to me thats a lousy alibi
Ayaz: i don’t see a need to tamper with the ball if i’m already winning the game by a long shot, unless of course, tampering with the ball is how i got into that position of immient vicotry.
Aqua Hill: but the asshole was too harsh he thought we was god
Aqua Hill: that too is a point
Aqua Hill: but its proved
Aqua Hill: there was no tampering and the ball change and the 5 run penalty was wrong the debate is over what happened after tea
Ayaz: oh, so the debate has moved. i didn’t know that.
Aqua Hill: but i guess pakistan will makeup the loss by beating them in the one dayers
Ayaz: so, pakistanis have been declared losers.
Ayaz: although not cheaters.
Aqua Hill: yeah
Aqua Hill: my opinion is that pakistan should have won the match first, then given hell to the ICC in the onedayers by not playing under the asshole
Aqua Hill: well
Ayaz: our players aren’t exactly half as clever, you know.
Ayaz: and sharp
Ayaz: if they were, i guess, they wouldn’t have opted for a career in cricket and would have instead gone to take college after passing matric.
Aqua Hill: what about the Chariman, manager and the coach?? anyway…. i am packing up i have to travel in khi busses hove to mentally prepare my self
Aqua Hill: bye
Ayaz: travel safely. bye.


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