Packeted, again!

Argh! I got engaged in a senseless, heated argument with an asshole a couple of nights back. I seemed to have managed to piss him off pretty bad. Acting out of sheer anger, he flooded my puny dial-up communications line with garbage. The incoming garbage inundated the link, and after capturing data for an upwards of a quarter of an hour, I disconnected, and leased a new IP. Immediately, I foolishly taunted him again and found myself at the receiving end of his wrath once more. Having collected incoming data for another fifteen minutes, I logged off and went for dinner.

I did some initial manipulation on the collected data. During the time the IDS was busy detecting threats it marked as “possible DoS attempts”, the IDS saw anomalous traffic from almost about four-thousand unique IPs. I have some 500-KB worth of compressed packet headers and payload data to analyse, but I am not sure when I’ll be able to squeeze out some time to do it.

Unlike last time’s flood, this one was targetted at me with a clear-cut malicious motive. I bet that wimp had a good laugh or two that night. Sheesh!


2 thoughts on “Packeted, again!

  1. Yes. True. I was feeling jumpy that night. Otherwise, boasting an “I couldn’t care less” attitude, I cram such people immediately into my shitlist, and get done and over with.

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