Parking annoyances!

The office where I work is situated along the main Shahrah-e-Faisal road. This road is one of the longest running roads in Karachi, stretching the maximum distance. It connects the posh areas of Karachi together with the rest of city, including almost all of the three-, four- and five-star hotels. It also passes through most governmental institutions and government houses, as well as the airport. If you get to look at a route map for Karachi, you would find this road depicted as the skeleton of the city.

It is no wonder every time there is a high profile government entity landing at the Karachi International airport, the entire run of this road is cleared off in the name of security measures. It makes sense to tighten up the security, given the number of assaults on political leaders and the likes soaring in the city of late. But for the common man, these security measures amount to nothing but nuisance. Pure annoyance!

Shahrah-e-Faisal connects together countless offices. On a daily basis, it sees a rush of traffic comprising people going to work and coming back. If the arrival of a high profile entity is scheduled in the morning, then people find themselves reaching offices hours late. If the entity is coming during evening time, people get awfully late before they reach their homes. If you have ever driven a car in Karachi, you would know that one of the most annoying things to suffer from is to get stuck on road for hours at ends. Nothing beats that!
There is a service lane next to the building in which the office where I work is situated. People park their cars along that service lane. Yesterday, as I slowed down to manouevre a turn into the service lane, I noticed it was barricaded with thick metal pipes. A couple of law enforcement officials — calling them law enforcement officials leaves behind pretty impression, which is, actually, pretty far from the fact — were sitting besides the barricade. In hopes of finding a turn right ahead into the service lane, I moved along, only to realise that the entire service lane had been marked off limits. Reason? Some high profile entity was to pass through the side of the Shahrah-e-Faisal that is adjacent to the service lane. There is another service lane across from the office where I sometimes park. I decided to move there, but realised that there were turns to switch to other road. I had to drive another 30 minutes to get to that other service lane to park the car. I stepped into the office 30 minutes late.

Today, nearing the office, I to go straight past the first turn I usually take and head for the for the service lane where I parked yesterday. As I switched roads, I was shocked to find that service road blocked this time. I cursed under my breadth. I stepped on the axel and … after 30 minutes of fruitless, tiring hunting for a place to safely park the car, I found myself turning into the first service lane eventually to find a place to park the car RIGHT outside my office building. Sigh!


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