Ever met a prick?

I met a developer roughly an year ago on irc.freenode.net. Apart from being developers and Linux and Open Source advocates, we both had one more thing in common: Our views towards religion, or lack thereof. We went out together once, to the Oxford book shop, then to another book store, and finally dined at KFC. After that, we kept in touch over IRC, and then, he disappeared. I contacted him once on his cellphone, but had no luck. As time passed, I forgot about him.

It wasn’t until earlier this week that I confronted him out-of-nowhere on Freenode again. For two people meeting after more than an year, he seemed a tad bit too unsurprised. We had a very brief chat. I enquired, out of common courtesy, how he is doing and how things have been, to which he curtly replied with, “It is ok, but there is a reason why I write blogs.” I shrugged it off and asked him for his blog address. His reply was anything but polite: “Google it.  It is all over the syndicate.” I don’t know how I retained myself from snapping back. I got so furious at that!

Some people are just pricks, plain and simple!


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