Going rusty on the ol’ Lappy keyboard!

Ever since I started work, I have been punching away on a standard keyboard. And while I have only been working a little over half a month, I have noticed I can no longer type on my laptop’s keys with the same ease with which I used to fluently type.  The keys on the laptop have come of age, and a couple of them are already showing signs of wear and tear.  A month ago, the ‘A’ key popped out. It freaked me, since, unlike standard PC-style keyboards, you can’t easily replace laptop keyboards. It wasn’t broken — it had merely come out. I tried to budge it back in, and while it would fit nicely in its socket, no sooner than my finger would touch it, it would propel out again. Having no other choice, I decided to live on with it. It was annoying — having the key jump out here and there and having to put it back in, only to have it lying on the side after a few punches, gentle or otherwise. I somehow retained my composure, but, eventually, it gave way, and, angrily, I smashed the key into its socket.  And, voila! It fit right back in. Surprised at first, I poked at it a few times. I punched at it from different angles, and was jubilant to find that it had settled in properly and firmly.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after that I realised that most of the websites I was trying to open by typing their addresses into the address bar resulted into a “Website not found” error. On looking carefully at the address bar, I couldn’t help noticing that the ‘m’ in the ‘.com’ TLD was persistently found missing. I thought it strange. I attributed it to lously typing initially, but as the frequency with which it started to occur increased, and the frequent missing ‘m’ in anything I typed became apparent, I quickly suspected something was amiss with the ‘M’ key. And, indeed, it was. It still is. Something is wrong with it. The key looks suitably held onto its socket, but it has to be punched real hard for it to make contact. And as any touch-typist would tell you, you just can’t type with ease if you have to smash your fingers at the keys. I guess that is the reason why I feel more at home typing on the keyboard at work than on my laptop.


4 thoughts on “Going rusty on the ol’ Lappy keyboard!

  1. Lolz, cost-effective solution to your problem…
    how about going for a USB keyboard?
    Or pro’lly a PS/2 one (provided ur lappy has the port)… heh…

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