The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines fatalism in the following manner:

fatalism /fa-tal-ism/ noun [U] the belief that events are decided by fate and that you cannont control them; the fact of accepting that you cannot prevent something from happening.

Almost everyone I interact with, including my parents and family, in real life associate themselves to this belief. When someone is upset over something that has gone wrong, it sometimes helps to console them by re-enforcing this belief. However, every time I do this, I inadvertently leave behind the impression that I too subscribe to fatalism. I would like to take this space to clear it up a bit.

I think a one-liner would do. I am not a fatalist.


4 thoughts on “Fatalism!

  1. yeah but can you ignore all the other wonderful thnigs that happened to you and you played lil or no role to make it that way.for ex: u opened ur eyes in an educated family and you can tell better how much it helped you. It shows that you dont contrl things.Somebody else runs the circus here :)

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