Mint gum, anyone?

At about half past one in the afternoon today, I was sitting on a bench in the campus cafeteria, half sweating, munching on crispy Lays potatoe chips and peanut biscuits. As I dumped the empty wrappers into a dustbin and was getting up to leave, a friend handed a mint bubble gum. Not in a mood of doing any sort of chewing, I slid it inside my jeans pocket, headed down from the cafeterai building into the men's lavatory, and then, finally, found myself at home sitting in the air-conditioned server room, punching keys, and making sense out of garbled texts whizzing across the glowing monitor. A new hard-disk, along with an additional network interface card, had been mounted into the desktop system running the campus's website. Being the systems administrator for that system, I had to make both the hard-disk and NIC usable in no time, the system being a live, production server and all, and especially considering the haunting fact that the server had been running fast out of disk space. As I had to run to catch one last class within an hour before the end of the day, I hurried with my systems administration work.

An hour later, I found myself sitting on one of the lecture benches in the second row, facing my professor, who was preparing the multimedia and the laptop to kick off the lecture. As I ran my hands down over my jeans pockets, to ensure I still had my cell phone with me, I felt something in my left pocket. Damn! I had completely forgotten about the mint gum. I quickly dug it out, and was somewhat amused to find the gum had flattened under pressure in my pocket. I carefully tore and yanked the wrapper apart, dumped it under my desk — which is most irresponsible of me, and realising that, I afterwards picked it up and dumped it into a dustbin — and, took the opportunity to haul it into my mouth when the professor wasn't looking at me. The lecture kicked off. I quietly chewed on the gum. It felt great. Five minutes into chewing the gum, I was abruptly interrupted by the professor, "Ayaz, what exactly are you chewing?" "Oh, damn! Shit!", I winced under my breath. "Um, a gum, sir …", I fumbled to answer. Although the professor was a bit surprised, somewhat angry, I could clearly make out a sinister grin taking its shape across his mouth. He quickly started counting the students in the class. "15! Get mint gums for each one of them. That's your punishment!", he said, grinning. Without wasting so much as a minute, I got out of the class, and headed straight to the cafeteria. I bought three bars of mint gum, rushed back into the class, and, handing them to the professor, I calmly sat back on the lecture bench.



2 thoughts on “Mint gum, anyone?

  1. Next time, keep one for the professor, too. And give him before the start of the lecture!. A stich in time saves nine ( or for this matter, A gum in time saves fifteen ;)

  2. Man ayaz promissed us a treat from the gum eating, late comming, mobile ringing bastards but we never got any. BTW talkin about ayaz sup with your survery report marks.

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