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Roughly a month ago, the Pakistani government, acting to censor online content deemed blasphemous, blocked access to blogs. The rationale given: SOME of the blogs there re-posted the cartoons and accompany commentary that are considered extremely blasphemous [by Muslims]. Read, SOME, not all. Instead of stretching their muscles a bit, the Pakistani government, with the help of local ISPs, blocked the entire domain. Duh!

Ever since I started rolling a blog, I have stuck to for its free, easy-to-use blog service. If you are reading this, chances are good you might be reading it via my Blogger account. However, this is going to be the last blog entry I’m going to publish on Depending on how things unfold, and after some time, I might even wipe out all the blog entries on my Blogger account.

Meanwhile, I’ve moved over to (WP). It took me an entire morning and a better part of the afternoon today to migrate all my posts over to WP.

If you haven’t already got the link to my WP blog account, it is

Keep readin’!


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