How do you console a heart-broken person?  Simple.  You can’t!  You could, say, crack jokes to see them laugh, say something to make them feel special, divert their attention to a totally different thing, etc.  While those might work, in reality, what they end up accomplishing is proving to others that the heart-broken individual feels consoled, feels happy, special, and OK.

Sometimes you just can’t kill a feeling.  It takes its time to die out itself.  And worst of all, the harder you twist the bolt into the nut, the more it hurts inside.  You can pretend you are OK, but deep within, you know you are not.  You are not OK.

In such conditions, there is very little or nothing a third-person can do to make things better, other than to force you to feign a smile, to feign laughter, and eventually, make the other person believe you’re feeling great, tip-top.  Good for them;  hurtful for you.

If it were anything like anger, you could feel better by venting it out.  If it were revenge, you could feel light by either forgiving or taking it out.  If it resembled any other feeling, you could do the appropriate thing to feel OK.  But feeling heart-broken, you don’t know what to do.  You are out of options.  You can cry all night, and expect the tears to drain it out, only in vain.  You could stay morose all day, and vent out the frustrations on people around you, without feeling so much as even a bit better.  You could occupy yourself in work, and feel relieved knowing it has not bothered you throughout the time, but, then, at that instant, it comes back to haunt you.

You just don’t have an option.

It takes time.  Give it time!  That is by far the only thing you can do to confront it.


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