A Toast to FAST’s Administration Department!

As I approached the notice board in the most populated area of the University, and glanced a look at the exam schedule, I nearly passed out. A paper that was going to be held the following day had been rescheduled today, late in the afternoon. I was shocked. I had no idea when that happened.

Moving towards one of the seminars, which are used as examination halls during exams, I saw many classmates running here and there with pale faces. In the seminar, some classmates were having a field day teasing others regarding the unexpected change in the schedule. As I drew near a desk I had quickly decided I would occupy, a mate asks, “Heard the shocker?” “Yep, I did!”, I reply indifferently, in part because I still thought it was all a misunderstanding on the administration’s part. There had been no notice that I had seen, no email that I had received. Neither did any of the students. It seemed as if someone had rougishly replaced the copy of the time table glued to one side of the notice board with a corrupted copy. It was completely unbelievable.

After the exam, which went unbelievably great, a bunch of us hurdled over to the administration department, and confronted the guy in-charge. Apparently, he claimed that several notices and emails underlining the change in schedule were posted and sent four days earlier. On the contrary, it was only this morning that we had seen a single notice regarding the change in schedule — no email whatsoever had been received by any of the students. He was bent on not believing in us, until the phone rang, and the director had a word with him.

To our relief, the paper has now been moved over to next Saturday. Phew!

I have gotta’ hand it to FAST’s administration department.


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