When I fell ill earlier this year, I almost gave up. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. And if it hadn’t been for mom’s support [and care], it likely would have taken a lot longer for me to recover. Despite having a fickle memory, I clearly remember mom’s words, which she gently expressed when I was shivering in fever, “It is only a bad time. It will pass soon.”

When you are down, when you are out, depressed, morose, everything sucks. As if nearly by nature, a person who is morose tends to consider the worthlessness of their life, how pointless their existence is; they tend to feel damaged, destroyed. It is the opposite of the sensations and feelings most drugs infuse: Ecstacy, for example, numbs the mind, thereby making anything the consumer does in its influence enjoyable. Depression acts in the other direction.

Being depressed, you find it hard to resist those rouge thoughts and disturbing feelings. It sucks, alright! What sucks more is your giving in to those thoughts and feelings. If you find yourself thinking how insignificant you are, and if you start believing in that, then it is high time you really should try to purge those thoughts. Period!

Being pessimistic, at times, is practical. I think being pessimistic, at times, is practical ONLY for those who know well how to cope up with circumstances, how to cope up with the sort of things that break you down real bad.

It is good to have hope, to be optimistic, to have goals you believe you can accomplish, because being morose and putting yourself into a sorry state of recline is, well, simply foolish, and, as much as I hate to have saying this, harmful.

Smile freely, because, simply, it is great to smile! :-)

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