Karachi’s weather, oh my!

Karachi’s weather is ever so unpredictable. To take an example, I took mom out for grocery shopping in the vicinity in the afternoon. Although the house had been somewhat cool, I had absolutely no clue how unbearably hot it was outside. The sky was clean, without so much as a speck of cloud, there was not a whiff of wind blowing, and the scorching sun was beating down its hammer upon anyone or anything that dared to step outside. No sooner had I stepped on the axel than I started sweating. You can imagine the rest. What is so unpredictable about the weather is that, for example, when I again took mom out for a ride in the evening, I felt a chill down my spine as I jumped into the driver’s seat. It was cold. A breeze was blowing. I had had no idea it would get that cold.

Meteorologists recorded a record-breaking winter temperature for Karachi during these winters. The mercury sure as hell did not fall as low as it does in Moscow in winters — heck, it did not even fall below the zero mark, but, for Karachities, it was colder than they had ever experienced. One of my best friends was visiting Karachi earlier this year. We both went out to a pizza parlour, and had a heck of a fun time together. On our way back, he said, “In Topi in winters, it often gets minus one degrees Celsius, and even though it is that cold, if you regularly go out to have a cone of ice-cream, you can be sure to enjoy it without getting sick. But, Karachi’s winters, despite being any severe, almost tend to leave a person sick. That is why Karachi’s winters are dangerous.” I couldn’t agree more.

These days the afternoons seem to suggest summer is waiting right outside the door. However, the evenings and the nights appear to paint an altogether different picture, whispering to people that they should keep their warm clothes around. It is this fluctuating weather that plays host to diseases of various kinds, but, in a way, it also makes Karachi unique. Or does it?


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