First day of the new semester at the University.

Imagine your first day of the new semester at the University starting off with a bumpy, half-an-hour ride to the University, where you find yourself hanging off the back door of the bus because of it being overly crowded. As exhilarating a prospect as one might imagine, no? Hell no! It is extremely unpleasant and tiring. I can say so because that is exactly what I had to go through this morning.

The first lecture being at quarter to noon, I had no better ideas on how to pass the time than to head to the air-conditioned computer laboratory. I surfed a few websites, laughed my head off reading an article describing hilarious top ten hoaxes of the previous year, engaged in a humorous IM conversation with a friend, and, well, surfed some websites. From half past eleven to quarter to noon, I sat on top of the boundary wall lining one side of the corridor that leads to the men’s rest room. A cool breeze was blowing.

Entering home at around about quarter to three, I changed, washed, and had lunch. I remembered my room had been getting awfully dirty of late, what with a thick layer of dirt resting on all surfaces in the room. I got hold of my handy dusting cloth, which, in actuality, is just like any other simple cloth, and wiped cleaned the dirt off of room. It looks clean and shiny now.

In the evening, I was forcefully woken up by my maternal aunt, who had expressed a wish to visit a shopping mall in the vicinty in the evening. Despite having a cracking headache, I took her and mom there, and, bought myself Call’s ‘Jilawatan’ album.

The rest of the evening and night passed unnoticed being online and contending to household chores.

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