Measles and a bloody eye infection.

The past fifteen days were both tough and painful. I had been down with a severe case of ‘measles’ and an utterly painful eye infection, which kept me away from many things throughout the fifteen days. It appears that I might have caught the infection from a friend, who himself subsequently suffered from a mild case of measles, during a short spell of concerted study we had had together for the semester exams. But, whatever the source of the virus may be, it was painful. Real painful.

I spent the whole fifteen days lying restlessly on one side of the bed, either shivering with cold in fever, or flipping my head sideways as I tried to bear the cracking headache grasping my head and eyes. What was worse was that slumber evaded me at all instances, and I had to resort to taking heavy-dosage sleeping pills each night only to fall asleep in order to have some form of relief from the jumble of pains attacking my body from all angles. Eyes were blood red, and hurt like hell if I tried to move them, albeit a bit. Rash had taken charge almost all over the body, with my face glowing red like plants glow after they have been exposed to a long, constant spell of nuclear radiation. As soon as the rash had reached the feet, the fever, at least, dissipated. The eyes remained hurtful and blood red. Within a few days, the rash began to die off, leaving scraps of dead skin hanging from spots where the rash had once taken root. The eye drops I had been prescribed to use four times a day to kill the eye infection bit in the eye like nothing I had ever experienced. The first time my mom administered the drops, I jerked in pain and screamed. From the time the drops were administered till the next ten minutes at most, the eye would hurt as if a nail had been impaled in it. And imagine having to use those drops four times a day for a week straight. Damn, it was painful.

I have recovered nearly one-hundred percent now. However, as is an after-affect of measles, the immune system of the body becomes delicately weak, and stays so for about a month. So, I have to take extra care of myself the following month, as the danger of catching various viruses and falling ill is high. Ah, poor me!


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