A bit belated, but whoever is reading, I wish you a meaty Eid mubarak.

Eid this time round has been relatively enjoyable. From early morning till way late in the afternoon on the first day, I was dirt busy. There were only two butchers hired to perform the sacrifice and subsequently properly chop the meat, so I had to help them at various points in different ways during the sacrifice of the goat. In the interim of all that, I got blood splattered all over my jeans, and shreds of meat and, especially, fat stuck onto my t-shirt. As soon as the butchers had finished their job of chopping the meat into appropriately small pieces and had left, I quietly cleaned and washed the entire porch floor with water and a cleaning viper. I had to open clear the drain just outside our house, which had been clogged with a mix of water, blood clots, pieces of fat, and general garbage. Mom did lend a helping hand, but I took care of most things myself. A major part of chopped meat had got goat’s hairs stuck all over, so I helped mom wash up all the meat. It was a yucky afair, with melted fat accumulating all over my hands and some part of the forearm. And I was already too dirty. No sooner than I was done with everything, I took a hot water bath. It was only after the bath that I felt relieved. Heh.

Rest half of the day until late evening was spent online working with a colleague on a network programming puzzle. Somewhere around late afternoon, a friend asked if I would be able to drop by his house. I was excited, and negotiated a time in the late evening for meeting. At quarter to eight, with dad’s consent, I jumped into my car and drove to the friend’s house, where we both talked and talked and had a great one and a half hour together. I was home by half past nine. I stayed up till an hour after midnight, and then dropped dead on my bed.

Next morning, on second day, I woke to the usual sounds of mom and dad leaving for work. In the afternoon, a friend dropped by to pick up some notes. We both talked for a while, until I had to politely ask him to leave as mom and dad, which arrived an hour earlier, were waiting to leave with me to a relative’s house very far away. Again, I was the driver, and I drove some 45+ kilometres to get to the place. And, then, I did another 45+ kilometres on the way back. Pain clasped my back, hips, legs and arms as, having parked the car outside home, I stepped foot outside. Late in the night, two cousins, who have been married to each other for some time now, showed up. I kept awake till an hour and a half past midnight, and, then, eventually, dosed off.

The third day is still progressing as I write this. I have to study for my MPI exam scheduled on Monday, 16 January. I don’t expect we will go anywhere today, or anyone will visit us, but who knows.


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