A man lured, with sweets, the 11-year old daughter of his friend’s into his house and raped her. Subsequently, he slit her throat with a kitchen knife and, using a chain-saw, cut her body into three parts: torso, legs, and head. He hid the body parts inside cupboards, cleaned his house, and, with a look of concern on his face, went to his friend’s house to enquire after his friend’s missing daughter and, later, joined the friend in search for her. In the midst of an interrogation later that day, the man gave himself in to authorities, admitting his crime. Apparently, he had been helping his friend with monetary aid from Saudi Arabia, but was treated unfairly by the same friend on his return.

Sigh. The above, which is a brief description of the event in my own words, made it to the front page of the major newspaper this morning. The above also happens to be the first thing I read to start my day. The word inhumane seems to have suddenly lost its charm.


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