A mere misinterpretation!

It takes only misinterpretation of context for one to break up an old, deep-rooted relationship. Words intended to mean an entirely different thing, but construed as entirely another can act like double-edged swords and peneterate easily through a bond of any relationship, ripping the fibres that keep the bond strengthened and intact into shreds. It is most true what they say that, “Beauty and bullshit, both, are only in the eyes of the beholder.”

It may seem at first reading that such misinterpretation might lie within the act of an unreasonable, un-understable interlocutor. The sad reality, however, suggests that it need not be.

Words can have deceiving meanings, and when used in complex, syntacticly-correct constructions can often leave behind structures whose context and meaning are baffling to not only a careless eye, but to most pedantic eyes too.

It may also seem at first reading that the fault lies within the speaker’s careless, incorrect, or at times ego-ridden interpretation of the ineptitude of their interlocutor to grasp meaning out of complexly dangling constructions. However valid that may be, it remains a fact that most interlocutors in today’s age do not care enough to properly, thoroughly read what has been addressed to them in order to comprehend the intended substance of the message. Oftener, the interlocutor finds themselve picking up not the import of the message, but that which they themselve presume to be the meaning, which, it is only fair to add, overlaps the intended meaning more than just often. It is still a sad reality, though.

This brings the focus back to why exactly I have chosen to rant under this issue. I nearly lost a close friend — to make an understatement. A harmless, childish misinterpretation of context on their part, which itself came as a thudding surprise to me, ruptured a tightly bonded relationship. What was worse was that, till the run-out to my discovering about it, I had been kept in the dark. Simply. I was not allowed a chance to clarify my context and, in doing so, undo the damage I had never intended to cause. It was all hush-hush. A mere misinterpretation inflicted enough pain to numb out the capacity to assess the situation with reason, thereby obviating a need to even indulge in a conversation with the speaker, even if only to vent feelings, let alone to allow a chance to the speaker to clarify.

A mere misinterpretation …


One thought on “A mere misinterpretation!

  1. Ayaz,

    That is so sad and yes, very true…

    People simply love to gather the meaning which they wish to understand rather than the meaning which the ‘speaker’ is supposed to be indicating…But then, is this misinterpretation only limited to written words? No, it prevails any and everywhere …a mere look…the way a person stands or even his/her walk…is interpreted by almost everyone as their brains like to…

    Most of the time, the images or the ideas created by such overworked brains are nothing but ‘castles in their air’ (their yes)…these are only existent in those minds…and nowhere related to reality…Assumptions, Opinions, Judgements and even, Conclusions…seem to be the ‘in’ thing these days…no, neither is incorrect…but it is certainly very immature to resort to either without actually ‘knowing’ anything at all…and worse, without ‘wanting’ to know at all….

    Why do most end up tiring their minds with this nonsensical behaviour? when they can be direct and simply ask the other about it? why is it thought better to misconstrue words or actions or behaviour than to actually clarify one’s own doubts related to either?…Definitely, it is much easier to simply clear the ‘ideas’ and know the ‘truth’…but, maybe people perceive this as a ‘weakness’ or ‘foolishness’…forgetting that ‘a question is never ever stupid ‘…and maybe because each wishes to project the illusion of being the ‘most intelligent and most knowledgeable’ adult to the world…..when actually, there hardly exists real knowledge and the intelligence is either tarnished or misused or non existent….

    Though the world (well..most of it) chooses to put on this mask…those who do not, are worthy of praise and closer to themselves, life and GOD…so, do not care about how people perceive you…care about how you perceive you…remember…they do not know a thing…they just live under the illusion that they do…while you DO know…which is a huge difference…..and noone knows you better than you….so be you…and do not allow the world’s inefficiency change the person you are…..change only if you wish to…if you feel you must…not because 10 people tell you to…

    Be you…

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